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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Nice to read this. I too have been contemplating why there seems to be so little written about the architectural/content creation in SL.

Ross Daniels

Nice work. I'd like to see more of this sort of thing as well.

Delilah Karas

Check out Rustica for some lovely home decorating items also, I'm a fan


This is a great article. I'm surprised you chose to feature Mike's candles instead of his cushions, which are SO amazing and such a steal for the box of copyable ones. Also, I think Barnesworth and Xenius Revere are collaborating on furniture now - I recently got a set of sculpty couch and chairs that is so heartwrenchingly beautiful that I almost feel bad putting it out next to my other (beautiful in it's own rights) furniture, because it puts it all to shame.

And I am TOTALLY with you on the prefabs being mod, and I think they should be COPY as well. I won't say who made it, but I bought an exquisite brick prefab from a very well-known designer a few months back for something crazy like 20k lindens. (I really loved it.) I soon got that stupid bug where some floor prims were acting phantom, and couldn't even rez a second copy of the house to remedy it. I ended up putting invisible prims over them so I would stop falling through, but that's ridiculous.

I have a well-known treehouse that is no-mod, also. It's a shame, because I'd love it a lot more if I could expand it a little bit.

Hi, I just wrote a novel.


Enjoyed this article, lots of great finds to shop for! And finding genuine art isn't easy, agreed, but allow me to add one I am certain of! Check out the wonderful work of RL oil painter Golam Amadeus. He has some of his creations rezzed (and for sale) at Kumarajiva.

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