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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


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Ann Otoole

all the standard fashionista clique members members eh?

i encourage readers to look beyond the clique and find all the other great designers out there who's work is superior so they are excluded from the clique blogs. you'll have to look hard since the new search isn't all it is cracked up to be..


As someone who doesn't particularly like shopping, especially for other people, this article was actualy very helpful for giving me gift ideas (first stop: Bare Rose). Thanks!

Gillian Waldman

Hi Ann - I think a lot of the shops mentioned on Iris' list are actually off the beaten path. This is a holiday gift giving guide - highlighting items that are transferable.

For one thing, you don't see Chaospire blogged much, nor Etchd or JCNY. I would hardly call those "standard fashionista clique members."

What are some of the stores (your quote, "who's work is superior so they are excluded from the clique blogs") you wish would be covered? That would be a great start to encourage people to explore new options - but haven't said where the gems are that aren't being covered :)

CronoCloud Creeggan

Ann, there isn't enough time to find every designer, that's why designers have to do promotional and marketing work. If designer's stuff is good try to get it in the hands of the SL press. It's not a clique, you have to work for your market share. Being a designer is not something where you can just create, and then sit back and wait for the Lindens to pour in without continuing your work with your business.

For example, Miriel Enfield is highly lauded, not because she's part of some clique, but because she:

1. Has vendors that give you the choice of transfer or copy

2. Has her very very inexpensive Miriel Everday Line

3. All her jewellery is high quality.

4. Her eyes are great and also inexpensive.

5. She has some nice Medieval style gowns and hair too.

6. And she works at promoting her business, events, freebies, contests, etc etc.

See what I mean?

Ann Otoole

I know many many designers that make equal or better quality items than the polished big names. And they have all shared with me that the "SL Press" (fashionista bloggers) simply decline their review submissions. In other words if they (the SL Press) don't want your products to see the light of day then they are not even going to look at them. So the "SL Press" has massive potential for objectivity improvement in this regard. Then there is the new search that heavily favors those who have been in business the longest via "inbound links". New designers do not stand much of a chance.

What led to my comment, that probably came across wrong, was the last time I visited the Lumiere Mall in Webworm when I was stunned at the quality and diverse range of products offered from so many designers I have never heard of. And thats just a few. There is a lot of new talent in SL that deserves equal opportunity in the so-called SL press. New designers can't cost justify expensive classified ads and their products are unlikely to be reviewed because they are unknowns in the community. And they are unlikely to acquire enough new "inbound links" to be a blip on the new search radar. So Sl has become rather self defeating for new talent.

As for marketing and working hard to promote... there are plenty of new designers marketing and working hard. To suggest the lack of visibility of new designers means they are lazy is out of bounds given the problems of SL and searching. but you never hear about them because the SL press does not allow them any visibility nor does the new search. Perhaps there needs to be a second search that excludes anyone having been in business more than 2 years so people can get a taste for new works.

Something needs to change and really its the biased SL Press that needs to work harder to get new talent in the spotlight instead of being self serving. (I'm not dropping to the tabloid level on this topic but theres no shortage of that style drama going on in the realm of the SL press)

Because of the issues I have discussed it is not surprising the author has not heard of a lot of new talent is it? Oh well. Sl is what it is. new designers are simply out of luck. The old school crowd owns SL.

Sorry if you don't like what I had to say about it but there is a growing number of people working to expose this problem for what it is. And it is not pretty and will not be well received by the inner core who holds not only the advantage but all the cards in the deck except the jokers.

Ann Otoole

I would reply but I have been flagged as a spammer. Guess that sums up the problem doesn't it.

Lillie Guildenstern

This was a wonderful help, thank you Iris! I am so weary of no transfer items - some very unique designers here, many i'd never been to. And I didn't see any cliques in my travels, either! ;)

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