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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


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Talila Liu

Wow, They are all so hot!

I do have to say though, Liquid looks so much better then the last picture I have of him. If I recall correctly, he was cross-dressing in a Violet Latex outfit that another friend of Ours had just made.

Hehe, Cheers!


What about Dpende Control? He's one of the hottest males on the grid, and he looks good in everything. Have you read his blog lately? Droolicious pictures!

Thema Felix

I think I just started believing in God.

Peter Stindberg

I did not knew about this contest, and most likely I would not have been nominated anyways. But I can share a fashion tip nonetheless. Guys, don't be afraid of female items! More often than not they're unisex and work well on males too. I'm a familiar sight at female fashion outlets, once I started to experiment. Same applies for hairstyles too. I wear a female hairstyle from ETD but nobody ever noticed.


Holllahhhh! All the guys look great..when does the calendar come out? <3

Arya McLeod

VERY pretty indeed!
But you overlooked two more hotties.....
Thoren Dagger & Niclaus Rau


A Hell Yeah Amen! for Day and Vasean. And thank you for mentioning the brothers of the Block. Becuz of these four ... I forgive you for not mentioning Dpende. Haha <3 <3

Ran Garrigus

Very interesting reading, and it does give us guys something to think about. I've been tweaking my shapes lately, so I'm particularly thoughtful on the subject of what makes an aesthetically-pleasing avatar.

One question (and I hope it's not considered tacky to ask)... just what skin is that DayDreamer (and Vasean, I think?) wears in that pic? I fail at identifying skins.

cj christensen

you missed me out.

Daman Tenk

I like Menno's style. And I love Stephen's advice about trying to be yourself.

For the rest, good way to bring SL Men into the highlight finally. Just too bad that except for an elf it's (like most of SL) very white-ethnocentric again.

Stone Semyorka

Well, I see from the comments your women readers love these shots, but for me the portfolio would have gained authenticity if it had been grounded with at least one ordinary, non-fashionista guy. How can you respect a pure-bred if you haven't seen a mongrel?

--Stone Semyorka

Cyn Vandeverre

These guys are all ok, I suppose, but none of them are my idea of hot. I wish I hadn't forgotten to submit some candidates of my own.

Edward Pearse

If you like boys who look as if they're barely old enough to drink, then these are lovely. Come back to me when you have some nominations about MEN in SL


Edward, I am not sure bitter and catty are manly qualities.

Get over it, it's a bit of fun.

Maybe we can have a Fop and Dandy contest, I'll be sure to put my vote in for you, dear.

Twig Tomorrow

Well I am sending out personal thank yous to

Liquid Zidane
Ben Vanguard
Catero Revolution
Stephen Bentham
Steve Hansen
Vasean Tamaskca

We had a party last night in the Gossip Girl sims and a call was made to get as many guys from the list there as possible. Kudos fellows for making the effort! What a fun evening!

Iris Ophelia

Well... Wow. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like I said, this list is by no means a list of the only attractive males in SL. I tried to include a variety of types from the nominations, but it would be impossible to please everyone. ^^

And Ran, I'm about 90% sure that skin is by Lost Thereian of Naughty, but if it's the guyliner you like I'd also recommend skins from The Abyss, Aitui, Form, and The Good Life.

Ran Garrigus

Thanks, Iris! With some digging around (and some help from my sister, who seems to know everyone), it does indeed seem to be one of Naughty's skins.

All those you list are excellent suggestions, and I've been digging around the lot of them, and then some. Though Aitui currently has no skins for sale, as Jesseaitui's making room for his third-generation skin, called Reclaim. Last I heard, that'll be released in January or February.

Now, if only more skin makers would give us gentlemen more options on brow color...

Emalie Burum

oww there so hot Steve gr8 job lol never seen u with long hair anyway keep going!!

xoxo ema

Ryker Beck

WOO HOO!!! I know at least four of these guys. LOL!!! And you're soooo right... painfully hot. Hehehe

Chenin Anabuki

Yay Steve! We're rooting for you!


YES! There are two men on here I am overly joyed about!
Takeshi & Daydreamer!

Wtg you two!

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