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Monday, December 03, 2007


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Caterin Semyorka

One hopes SL residents are aware of the Nestle boycott:


"It was prompted by concern about the company's marketing of breast milk substitutes (infant formula), particularly in less economically developed countries"


Very good job:) thank you for this article !
Btw, I am a Chinese SLer, can I translate this article and post it on one of the largest website major in translation in China——www.yeeyan.com?
And thanks again!

Viajero Pugilist

Is Nestlé a corporation worth buying from? A journalist investigates:


Interesting comparison. Thanks for that.

Joni West

Thank you for covering the Coffee-mate sponsorship of SwirL cafe and the new SwirL Annex. There calculations that you guestimated are off on all levels but let me point out what the most important difference between an ad on Valleywag and an interaction with one of our Buzz Agents. We are all exposed to bajillions of ads on the web every day. We are surrounded in the real world with branding messages in a wide variety of media as well. When we say that our Buzz Agent "had an interaction" with a resident of Second Life, it means that there was a conversation with our real life brand advocate and that the person with whom the Buzz Agent "interacted" actually had to take an action and accept an inventory of promotional items that the Buzz Agent offered them. If they don't accept the inventory offer, we do not count that conversation as an interaction. In light of that, there is no way to compare the value of an ad on a site with a one-on-one in-world conversation and interaction. We are always very clear that we are "out promoting" whatever it may be. We find that most people are happy to be directed to a place where there is a lot of fun and activity. I believe a lot of brands that came into SL very early, and to this day, are taking a "Build it and They Will Come" approach to their brand venues in SL. We look at each client and create ways for them to get residents in Second Life to WANT to be involved with their brands. SwirL is being visited by an average of 2,500 unique residents per week and that average is growing as the word gets out. There are almost 300 "SwirL" group members who wear their "SwirL Lover" group tag over their names above their heads. These are people who appreciate the fabulous venue and activities that Coffee-mate has brought to their Second Lives. I would like to see more brands approach Second Life from a resident's point of view rather than be sold on a whiz-bang oh-so-cool brand sim that sits empty because the entire budget went into building the sim and the promotion of that space is not even considered.

We are still in the very early stages of virtual worlds and Second Life marketing. If you recall, when companies started creating their first corporate websites, they did a lot of silly things too. We are constantly asked how we generate so many visitors to our brand venues and how we get people to stay so long (an average of 35 minutes right now for SwirL) and one of the biggest parts of that is our team. We work with people who spend 10-12 hours per day in-world and know what is going on and how to appeal to residents. SL is a social network and a place to build community. It is not a place for passive marketing.
Joni West
President, This Second Marketing LLC
Avatar: Joni Rich

Caterin Semyorka

oh wow, marketing comes to SL, I am soooooo happy

Caterin Semyorka

oh wow, marketing comes to SL, I am soooooo happy

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