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Friday, December 14, 2007


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Cyn Vandeverre

I am in support of anyone's feelings of love for another, but seriously, how many of us feel our RL male partners could physically protect us, when the chips are down? I'd probably end up protecting him, or at the very least, shoulder-to-shoulder. That aspect is one of the least significant, in this day and age.


As one of the male's that has a female Avie, I found an odd thing once I realized that love in SL is quite deep and quite real. I have a tendency to fall for the males that have female avatars as well.....
It's not constant, I have had a few Male AV loves, but much less common.

I think it really just boils down to being able to connect on a different level, since i am happily involved IRL, and not seeking anything other than online, I can enjoy a much more mental and emotional level in SL, even though I know hat my closest loves are/looklike IRL, it really has very little bearing on us in SL.

And yes they know me as well, I don;t keep secrets from loves.

Flings on the other hand....

Pappy Enoch

Tu Mistophur Au's reeders:

If'n I wuz tu bekum a gal, du y'all reckon I'd git mee sum luck? This po' hillbilly stuk in the fake wirld o' Secund Life gots wun proberlum:

My handsum masculine vigor seems to skare the gals away frum mee.

I dun bought wun o' Wynx Whiplash's Go-rilla suits n' that ain't helped nun, nohow. Howsumdoever, it am a MALE go-rilla. Mebbe I shood go back tu git mee a lady go-rilla next time. By Jingo! That AM it!

Phantom Republic

What's even crazier is guys who like guys but are girls in SL who have relationships with girls who like guys. If I hadn't seen a couple of them myself, that statement would have confused me. It kinda still does.

Phantom Republic

What's even crazier is guys who like guys but are girls in SL who have relationships with girls who like guys. If I hadn't seen a couple of them myself, that statement would have confused me. It kinda still does.

J. Serapis

It's really not that strange, I think:
- everything in SL takes place within the relatively (some would argue extremely) narrow "bandwidth" of conciousness. There's no body language (because the rough body expressiveness of the avatars are completely unrelated to subconcious processes in the individuals behind them), no scent, no glint-in-the-eye, not even a tone of voice for most (who don't use voice chat).

It's all in the thinking brain, and that bugger has very little, if anything, to do with our relationships in real life (and a lot to do with screwing them up, but that's another story).

So the relationships in SL are the ones we choose using the thinking brain, which will be much more likely to relate to someone we can understand on an intellectual level - I know, for many the love of SL is really real (and their bodies, not their avatars, respond with elevated pulse and breath and all that...), but it is the kind of love that is born within the conciousness, not in the body, where most love in RL originates (we all know the feeling).

Then it kinda makes sense, to me anyway, that men connect more easily with men, and women with women - and also that real life sexuality has little or nothing to do with it, as there is no sex involved in SL (again, if the body sitting at the screen reacts, it's nothing like when it is placed physically and intimately with another body - it's more like reacting on a fantasy, or even a dream).

Then there's the (probably unwelcome) possibility that lesbian relationships between men-posing-as-women happen because girl-on-girl action looks good on the screen - they'd connect well too if they were posing as men both, but they'd probably not want to look at two guys copulating, and neither would probably want to be the girl if they posed as man-and-woman...

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