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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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Otenth Paderborn

Wow, great post! Thank you for bringing this story to us.

Sin Trenton

Missing image as a concept, as a picture of what the "don't haves" do not have, but still are able to do and convey.

Meanwhile, the "Yanks and other westernerns" complain about.. well pretty much everything about LL, SL and so on. Not that those are not valid.
But maybe it's colouring me, being a "Westerner" living in a former Socialist Eastern European country...
It's not about the details, it is the concept. Just being able to log in (most of the time) and _being able to communicate_ with the world in a 3D manner and being able to _create the content, not just being another consumer_ a la Kaneva.
Sometimes, honestly, when people whine about the details (including myself) we need this perspective, from way out of our comfort zone.
It's not about SL or LL being broken (if it wasn't, we wouldn't be able to log in), or a shattered experience (Oi! Get the f*** over online Disneyworld, kthxbai) or SL actually slowly being turned into the next Communist state (Hi Prok! ;p)

Some people in this world see the possibilities in a way that to them have been unimagined until now and we can either sit in our comfy homes (You mean there are more than 4 timezones in the world?) or take this as a real, true, amazing opportunity to actually meet people and communicate with people that in no way we would ever meet them otherwise.

After all, where does your information about Iran comes from? Fox News or a student in Iran?
Me, I rather have a 10 minutes chat with an Iranian student, even if he's studying to become a mullah, than 45 hours of endless, hypocrite crap on some biased, stupid TV channel that can't even spell a European country's name right.

Sure I'm rambling, but I'm ok with it.
Talk with people, don't just sit in your opinionated corner and think you Know It(TM).
The best wisdom I got from travelling around the world and living in other countries is: I don't know this culture, so I better open up my mind, learn, because I'm the student here, not the teacher trying to show them "the error of their ways" and if I'm being judgemental, it's my loss.

Utterly great post, WJ. Let's get a global perspective.

sarmad alsarmady

Thank you so mauch to for this post ,
Professor Eel

Taco Bandit

Reminds me of the avatars in Snow Crash that people got when they logged on via crappy connections or public terminals. Plain and staticky. Maybe even black and white, can't remember.

Anyway, neat! I mean, sad. But you know, neat that it's just like in the book.

Maybe there could be a feature where your computer, or the grid itself, could "donate" some basic textures to your view of somebody when they come through all missing-image-y. If it knows enough to call and display the missing image image, surely the missing image image could be basic skin, pants, and a shirt instead of something that says missing image. Maybe the shirt could have a small triangular yellow button on the breast with an exclamation point in it so people would know to say "hey your textures aren't coming through" but the person wouldn't look like a computer error.

The Writer Sarmad Alsarmady

My Challenge !
yeah iam the iraqi writer Sarmad Alsarmady, and i have really interesting theory , trying to say that secondlife is new life need a new philosophy , and Philip Rosedale is a greatest reason for the evolution of the philosophy of arts in history !
Iam asking the philosophers all over :
What philosophy can describe and appropriate Explaining this interactive digital life ? !
The answer is there is no theory about that!!!
So i did my one theory about the second life and its .. the 8th art , so i think that secondlife need to understood as a philosophy of arts !
The writer
Sarmad Alsarmady
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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