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Friday, January 04, 2008


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Laetizia Coronet

So his SL name is Ondrejka, and yours is Au. Excuse me for spotting a difference here between those who crawl across the virtual earth without the benefit of having been a Linden, and those who have been 'up there'.
It's nothing personal against either of you, but in the end the whole name business has to change, charming as it is at the moment. So, a belated prediction for 08: the introduction of identity verification will lead to new residents having the option to use their own full name instead of a pick from the list.

Hamlet Au

I agree choosing a unique SL name should be an option available to all-- indeed, the Lindens said that was going to be a purchasable option in early 2007... by the end of the year:



Is there any reason to believe that cyberspace isn't keeping pace with outer space? The more 'outward' we go it seems the more we are going inward, at least in processing power. I see the future of virtual worlds getting more and more complex as artificial intelligence takes a bigger role, and more submersive qualities take place, such as having your senses 'hooked up' to the machine--your eyes and ears and even your nose one day--enabling us to "be there" as it's happening in the cyber world.
By the time we colonize a planet it's reasonable to assume we will have figured out a way to transmit our entire *consciousness* to a virtual world. Perhaps even our DNA.
We are going in two different different at the same time.
It seems to be our destiny.
Therefore, I see all trends in 2008 as baby steps leading to this inevitability: We fully inhabit cyberspace one day, consciousness and all.

Alexander Burgess

Why are comments turned off on the Scion City post?


Wow Patric, this is a great vision. We have a group in SL (and Facebook, and...) dedicated to discussing and exploring such visions:


Feel free to come visit and join.

Extropia DaSilva

'Therefore, I see all trends in 2008 as baby steps leading to this inevitability: We fully inhabit cyberspace one day, consciousness and all.'

If that were possible, it would make colonising the other planets rather redundant. A far more practical approach would be to dismantle the planets and use the matter to construct a vast cloud of nanocomputing platforms communicating with each other via photonic technology and powered by the solar energy of our star. It is estimated that a future Internet able to utilise the entire matter/energy budget of the solar system and structured to maximise information processing would have sufficient computing power to simulate the equivilent of 10 billion people for every star in a thousand galaxies.

Extropia DaSilva- not one to let the technical deficiencies of SL spoil her technological ambitions.

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