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Friday, January 25, 2008


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Maybe they're all honouring Paul Morrisey, who was Warhol's friend and filmmaker in The Factory - after all, that's where Morrisey originally copied the name from...

Myg Morrisey

I love the Smiths! Do *you* love the Smiths? I do too!

Jillian Morrissey

I love the smiths :p

More Morrisey

I <3 teh Smiths sooo much! OMG! Hamlet! Do you lerv teh Smiths? Could there be a Hamlet Morrisey?

KillUncle Morrisey

OMG! I just love Morrissey! Do you love the Smiths, too?!

Yep, I am so totally hoping there's a Hamlet Morrisey on the horizon.... ;-)

Hamlet Au

I dunno, does liking one or two Smiths songs count?

JellyBean Morrisey


Elle Pollack

If you plug them, they will come?

Rodion Morrissey

Heaven knows I'm a Morrissey now.

chestnut morrisey

i so love the smiths! one song is totally enough to be a morrisey hamlet. but you do have to say -- hey!

Hamlet Au


Harper Ganesvoort

"How soon is now...?"

But, in the long run, I'll take Gordon Lightfoot (grin).

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