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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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Pavig Lok

Well done mis Raven.

For a long time bouncing breasts was one of the most voted client features (in the old feature voting system). Inexplicably many times more popular than other features of far greater general utility - testament that those who have an opinion on these things feel very strongly about bouncing breasts indeed.

These may not be for everyone (me particularly) but just go to show that innovation still pays dividends. Even from a technical build standpoint they appear quite sophisticated. I would have thought it impossible to do convincingly, and I've said so to folk before. I stand corrected. Bravo!

Valerie Bethune

I don't have the fastest computer and card in the world, so for a while when I first come across someone wearing sculpties, they're just spheres. So I look forward to seeing these breasts on someone. :-)

Doreen Garrigus

Bravo! This is one more wonderful step in the right direction. I do my very best to make my avatar look like me in real life, but have been unable to get that one portion of my anatomy accurate.

I am small and fine boned, with something upward of a D cup on my very delicate frame---that's a 32 band size, on the very smallest set of hooks. That is full and soft and rounded, the only part of me that is. If the breasts on my avatar were large enough, they stuck out like they were built for a Barbie Doll, even when I used the gravity slider. They just didn't hang right. So I ended up making them smaller just so they would be less obtrusive, leaving my avatar disappointingly boyish.

Thank you, Raven. It looks like I will be doing some shopping.


I think its the responsibilty of every male on the grid to look into this! It may need our help at some point in time ;-)

Nightbird Glineux

OMG Hamlet, you didn't!

*face plant*

Pappy Enoch

I are reddy to check this-hear produckt out if'n enny o' yu gals wishes tu strap 'em on n' kum on by my i-land so's I kin take a closur look n' pro-vide y'all wif an egg-spert opinonion of them-thar buxum buzzims.

Seems wee am wun step closur to parry-dice: Virtool Daisy Mae (o' Daisy Duke--same differunce).

Sinned by mee,

Pappy Enoch, Virtool Hillbilly n' Shiner

Mitch Wagner

This is weird, even for Second Life.

I was on the voice client and telling a friend about this, when my wife, who thinks Second Life is weird and I'm weird for doing it, walked into my home office, just as I was saying, in my usual loud, New York conversational bellow: "BOUNCING NATURAL BOOBS!"

So that's been my day. How is yours?

Patchouli Woollahra

In other news, who else thinks "Bouncing Natural Boobs" would be a wierd name for a pop band?

EnCore Mayne

great job Wagner. i got a set. what else should i do with my discretionary funds near the end of the month. your readers might be interested in the results. check out my blog post called: http://maynelinefashion.blogspot.com/2008/02/boobs.html>Boobs

Moriash Moreau

You know, I can sympathize with Ms. Garrigus. I've long been frustrated by my inability to create a suitable simulacrum of my RL self. Until recently, SL technology just wasn't up to the task of creating a realistically jiggling spare tire and love handles. Does Ms. Ivanova do commissions for other torso features?

Doreen Garrigus

Ah, Moriash. It is just about the softness. I am not creating a fantasy avatar. I am creating a good approximation of myself to go exploring in Second Life. I am content with what I look like in real life. But to look right, I need a little softness.

My next request would be for that bit of flesh at the top of a female hip that bends inward slightly when you are wearing panties or a bikini bottom that presses into it. Even my skinny little hips have that layer of subcutaneous softness.

What do you need to feel real?

Nightbird Glineux

@Mitch Wagner: "This is weird, even for Second Life."



These are absolute rubbish. Don't waste your money. They don't look natural, and they certainly don't move naturally.


- What a beautiful red tie you are wearing, Mister James.
- 'Not my tie, baby, that's my tongue !


I'm very interested:)

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