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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Mygdala March

ah thank you! I love windlight but it has just been killing my SL photography. Can't wait to try these settings out.

Cyde Weys

Okay, I cannot lie. That first picture is definitely to the right of my uncanny valley, if you know what I mean.

The funny thing is, I remember first playing around with Second Life a couple years ago, back before prim hair, Windlight, and all sorts of improvements, and I thought the avatars were little more than novelties because they didn't come close to looking human. I guess the combination of Linden Lab's work on the engine and that of third party modelers has cleared that hurdle though.


Instead of screenshotting the presets for windlight, you could just make copies of the file settings and re-install them after your update. This would be a pain if you only had one or two, but if you had a lot it makes more sense.

There is a how-to in the wiki by Torley:


Adia Clary

What should one do if their computer can't get the advanced editor up and has issues with water reflections? I would love to use windlight! lol Have a great day!

Adia Clary

Iris Ophelia

Thaumata: Very good point! I still hope there will be a way to just have settings stored like preferences, in the future. ^^

Adia: Aah one of the big problems with Windlight. First of all, you should make sure that your Graphics Card Drivers are up to date. Also, make sure you're not on wireless, as that can cause some weird issues that you may attribute to Windlight itself. After that the best thing to do is to go into Preferences in windlight and fiddle with the graphics settings. Windlight's graphics preferences are a lot more precise than in the past. Pull back on the detail levels on things that aren't too important to you, and it should be a bit easier on your machine.

Gillian Waldman

Question - Are you using a facelight in any of these? I have tried to recreate what you have here and using facelights, I am lit up like an xmas tree (no matter which I use) and I have had to turn off all the lighting in the studio as well.

I really am struggling with how to shoot "normal" fashion photos in windlight.

Iris Ophelia

No! Never! You're right, Gillian. Facelights designed for the regular viewer will bleach you out with your brilliance in Windlight. You won't need them if you get good with your environment settings.

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