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Sunday, January 13, 2008


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Cyde Weys

I think Second Life has gotten increased media coverage this past week, for whatever reason. I know I saw it matter-of-factly on MSNBC's front page. The story wasn't a "Gee whiz, look at this Second Life virtual world thing"; it was reporting on some goings-on within the virtual world. I guess that coverage lended an air of notability, and it had a lot more people either revisiting Second Life or checking it out for the first time.

Ann Otoole

ah that explains the weirdness i was experiencing.
i guess those 3 full clean reinstalls were probably not necessary after all. but the objects moving from folder to folder by themselves was very interesting so i suspected a client side cache problem.

its good to see the "never have logged in but are sl haters" finally being displaced by real reporting.


Interestingly, there were no less than THREE articles about or mentioning Second Life at MSNBC.com in the past few days:

I wonder what's up? Perhaps MS or NBC has purchased a hunk of SL? Maybe they just had that same virtual urge that afflicted CBS a few weeks ago?

Efemera Bisiani

My guess is the increased concurrency is as a result of Torley's multiple viewer Tip of the Week.


Thanks for the link love. <3

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