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Friday, January 18, 2008


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Porsupah Ree

Not a bad conclusion, I'll agree, and quite amusing. ^_^ But.. consider this Angkor photo. Is only the original a photograph?

John Branch

Your conclusion makes sense to me. In RL, the terms can be used interchangeably, although "image" can have a broader meaning than "photograph." Now that you've stated the distinction you intend to apply, we'll all know what you mean when you use the words.

Kean Kelly

It could really be simpler than this, as my nephew pointed out to me: A photography is taken in RL. All else is images, pictures, snaps etc.

To say that a picture is not a photography if its been postprocessed in PS is meaningless really.

Photographers has allways enhanced there pictures, either maually (lenses, filters, lightning, and in the developing process) or now electronically at camera level or in PS.

Negko deVinna

eerrrrr, yes, hm'kay... but for people who spend their time making 'images' ISL, how do we call them now?... Imagers?

Hamlet Au


Negko deVinna

Hehehe, that's what I call 'constructive diplomacy' :)

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