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Friday, January 11, 2008


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Ann Otoole

Thanks! I have been looking for something besides work work work to do in sl! :)

Gwyneth Llewelyn

LOL :) Well, Ann, I think you won't regret the visit...

Cyde Weys

I checked out the place; it was pretty nifty. You can tell a lot of time went into making it, and it definitely has a much different feel than most of the other things you run across in Second Life. It had me wondering what game I was in for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, like so many other things in Second Life, it was empty. There's so much awesome content out there, but the people are spread so few and far between. It's the dense content/sparse people disparity. The space station would have been a lot more fun to explore with other people (sitting down at the tables with the robot waiters, for instance).

Androgyne Michinaga

I explored this sim after reading your article and I've got to agree that it is fascinating and funny . While I was racing around in mining buggies with Aley, I said that she was a fun person. She said that SL had lost some of it's fun and that she intended to bring back some of the fun into SL. Works for me!

Corcosman Voom

@ Cyde

A thought came to me when I read "The space station would have been a lot more fun to explore with other people".

Why not IM a friend or four, ask them if they are busy and if they'd like to explore? Or Search for acquaintances not on your Friends list or brand new people you have met and helped recently.

People are always interested in a little bit of fun, you can brighten their day.

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