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Friday, January 18, 2008


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MikeG1 Schumann

41000 square miles and change. About the size of Guatemala.

Porsupah Ree

In that case, about half the area of Great Britain (80,823 sq miles), or about the same size as Kentucky (40,444 sq miles).

If we fall off the grid, should we wave to the elephants and turtle on the way down?

Hamlet Au



btw, do the SL continents have names???

Harper Ganesvoort

To Magnus: the continents have names, but I can't remember what they are. I think there's a map at The Shelter that lists them.

For myself: I wonder when some of the previously isolated islands will suddenly merge together as a new sim is added, bridging the gap? The dearly-bought isolation won't last forever.


OK, does that acreage include the water areas or just the land?

Cubey Terra

Great map. It doesn't include the Teen Second Life sims, which are located far to the east of the ones on that map.

Cubey Terra

... an impressive accomplishment, nonetheless. (Sorry for the double comment.)

Brenda Archer

That map is AWESOME. Thank you.

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