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Friday, January 18, 2008


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Psssst....I'm a he. ;)


I should further add that those neighbors recently sold their land and moved. (not because of my protest as far as I know). No more red fence there...but they're still a plague. You can join the 'Red Fences Suck' group if you agree.

Hamlet Au

Ack, sorry, Veeyawn, correcting gender. Thanks for the update!

Laetizia Coronet

"...he writes on her blog..." try again, Hamlet :-)

Red fences DO suck, but security orbs are worse. I don't like being orbited for overflying someone's home, especially when it's empty (as usual) and there's nothing for me to disrupt even if I would want that.
It is hard for some people to cope with the mere existence other people it seems...

Nearxe Ideal

The red fences are a nuisance, but people do deserve a right to privacy. I only wish it was easier to fly over them. In SL, people often do not respect others privacy. Talking with a friend, hanging out, sometimes one can get a constant assault of people bursting in. I hate saying, “can you please leave us alone”. I’d rather like to be able to have privacy on the grid from time to time with out confrontation. SL is a place to meet people, but it is also a true society to me…a mirror of life. Perhaps more zoning would be a solution. Residential areas and privacy enabled sims, so that the private areas are not mixed in with other high traffic areas.

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