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Friday, January 18, 2008


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Desmond Shang

Aye, it has reached such proportions that we've needed to sort our maritime flags.

Civilian Caledon vessels are to fly our normal national standard; any Man O War will soon fly the Caledon Jack, be it Frigate, Submersible, or Dirigible of the Line...

Other nations are following suit with us, for clarity's sake. Flying a Man O War flag will carry an implicit 'fire and be fired upon' consent depending upon loyalties, micro-national treaty, or circumstances for just plain fun. We've also got the Bunny Skull and Crossbones for those who can't manage to sort their loyalty.

A few pennants will distinguish fussy details like weapons system type, for the combat-inclined.

A website to show the flags is in the works as we speak; all micronations on the grid are invited to submit civil and naval (consent to combat) flags if they wish. Mind, the flags might be downloaded by both the navylike and scurvy dogs everywhere.

A coordinating individual can be contacted here:


Sneak preview (Absolutely Unofficial as of now!): http://desmondshang.googlepages.com/home

Warm regards,

Desmond Shang
Independent State of Caledon

Hotspur O'Toole

Sigh.. of all the ironclad posts I've made, *this* was the one you found, where the battle was truncated somewhat. Do a search on "Ironclads" sometime. :-D

We are shortly embarking on inter-sim marine combat, which will be quite informal and sociable. Please contact Hotspur Otoole inworld for matters concerning the Middlesea Fleet. http://hiberniaskids.blogspot.com



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