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Monday, January 28, 2008


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Sandor Balczo

Please change the title. I suppose it was meant to read "The metaverse in 2006 versus the web in 1996". And I fully agree that large corporations and the media are SL's greatest enemies even when the hype us now as they used to be when I was browsing the web in 1996 and earlier.

Laetizia Coronet

...the number of people actively using the Internet web of computer networks may be grossly exaggerated...

Yeah, they were putting bots on line...

Benjamin Duranske

Fantastic post. I've been trying to convince people of this for a while, but the McDonald's page makes the point far more eloquently than I've been able to. Sure, virtual worlds have a relatively high percentage of porn, scams, and failures -- but compared to the 2D world wide web, the 3D version doing far better at this point in its development.

Hamlet Au

Thanks, and thanks for the catch, Sandor, I changed the title accordingly.

Joni West

This is the concise and accurate article I have been waiting for!!! I tell people this all the live long day but the visuals and references you put to the story make it 100% clear!

Aldon Hynes

Last September, I wrote a blog post entitled http://www.orient-lodge.com/node/2466>1994 all over again. Things are happening quicker these days and now it is 1996!

Gary Hayes

Thanks for this. I have been making the comparison for a couple of years along with many others but even so I think there is a massive difference. The internet is a distribution paradigm shift whereas Second Life is a service or mode of communication shift. You can't compare roads with cars.

To me the real issue here is the 'way' corporations are inhabiting these new social virtual spaces I cover in far more detail here.

Marianne McCann

I've made this same comparison time and time again to people. I actually think it's an apt comparison, including SLs own growing pains as a mirror for AOL's in the same "post first million member boon" time frame.

The sad part to me, though, is that so few seem to have caught this comparison, and are making exactly the same mistakes as then.

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