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Friday, February 01, 2008


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Komuso Tokugawa

Hey there,
Thanks for the writeup!

Just a couple of clarifications:
It was not actually the premiere as such, but Beta test #5. It's a complex show and uses a mix of cutting edge music and communications technology in addition to SL, so we are working through some of these issues in a beta test phase.

The "Generative Visual System" is a visual instrument that was modified from a long time SL research project that connects bio and neuro feedback interfaces to Avatars and Audiovisual instruments for real time control. Generative art is an established research field, just google "generative" and you will pick up the trail.

And you are right about the music industry!;-)

cu in the bitstream, kt


I love these events, the music is fantastic and the visuals exquisite! I especially got a kick out of the machinima and the shot taken through my Fishook Dress skirt. hehe

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