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Friday, February 15, 2008


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Laetizia Coronet

Did she read the Etiquette of Treating Potential Customers?

Princess Ivory

This is great advice, and applies equally to attending music performances. People get all dressed up in the flexiprim bling bling finery, A/Os, attachments, pets (hey, pets like music too), and various other hoo-haws that they end up creating incredible lag and the musicians cannot move, let alone perform.

But at the same time, if it's a classical music concert, or a punk rock concert, or whatever, people want to wear their coolest stuff. They go there to be seen, as much as to attend the performance. And I can understand that. So it it frustrating that wearing our pretty prim gowns and hair can create such a problem. I wish there was something Linden could do in a future update that would fix this lag problem.

Princess Ivory

Noirran Marx

well said Laetizia.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

I couldn't resist dispelling a few myths on my own blog ;)


We are in a web 2.0 era where the audience is as important as the show. Some content creators may want to turn back the clock and go back to the 20th Century, when rapports between creators and consumers were more top-to-bottom; but to my knowledge going back in time is an impossibility, even in a metaverse.

It's a buyer's market out there: SL creators who want to tame their audience will soon find themselves sitting alone on their sims (or, in the best-case scenario, sitting alone with their bots).


I don't think its about taming or training audiences. I know that I've heard complaints for years about people never being able to actually SEE anything at fashion shows.

Top complaint - the lag.

So if my suggestions help you to run a faster and smoother SL, (whether on client or server side *nods to Gwyn's article*) what's not to like?

As for the idea of going to fashion shows with the intent to see whats new in order to then go shop. Umm ok not a new concept!

SL mirrors RL in this this case. We just finished New York Fashion Week RL. Tell me the designers didn't go through all that just to entertain people.

As quoted from my blog post(s) linked here, millions of dollars in sales were riding on each runway presentation from each designer.

While there might not be such high numbers in terms of SL, the concept is exactly the same.

I just don't see how you are supporting your favorite designer by turning up at their show and then not buying anything afterwards.


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