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Monday, February 11, 2008


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Erbo Evans

Please always remember, though, that, under a strict Islamist regime such as those in Saudi Arabia or Iran, an environment like Second Life would not be permitted to exist AT ALL. Remember also that they would spread these kind of regimes to embrace the whole world if they could. While I applaud the developments outlined in this article, we must never lose sight of "the big picture."

Two Sides to the Medal

"Remember also that they would spread these kind of regimes to embrace the whole world if they could."

Also never lose sight of the Big Picture that they are not the only regimes doing this. They are just not as successfull at it as some.


Oh, please - there is no country in meatspace free from any particular religion, just not enough /beeeep/ air to breath for atheist, with largest countries pushing through religious agenda as part of government policy this or that way, and now SL too... and I especially like that notion of *culture* when you talk of sides, engaged in inter-religious talk. I thought SL is moronity-free zone -- now it seems I was wrong :-/

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