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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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Noelyci Ingmann

Hey James, great book, I haven't been able to put it down, I pinged it on my blog just so you know. If you want to cross link it's at: http://ingmanndesign.com/2008/02/secondlife-reading-part-1.html

Wishing you continued success.


Hamlet Au

Aw, thanks very much, Noel!

Patchouli Woollahra

But when is it coming out in Australia? Soon, I hope.

P.S. great promo. There can only wish for stuff like this... xD

Hamlet Au

Lainy rocks, no doubt!

Good question about Australia, I'll check with the publisher.


biased because a) i'm your friend and b) i'm in the book, but i think it rocks and congrats on its debut. Here's to many reprintings!


Hey James.

Congrats! It's funny how virtual writings always feel a bit more "real" once they are in print huh? It always makes me laugh that as obsessed as I am with all things virtual that once it has been published in print I get these butterflies in my belly.

Anyway I love your writing a look forward to picking up your book! Congrats again.

Noelyci Ingmann

Fuller review up now, you've inspired me, if you don't want me using your terms let me know. *grin*


i bought your book at Dublin airport in Ireland. i finished reading the book during my 14-hour flight back to the U.S. last week. couldn't put it down.

thanks for writing this excellent account of the history of SL. you peaked my interest. looking forward to more in-world journalism.

godspeed and you in-world!


Hamlet Au

Thanks much, please IM me in-world!

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