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Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Ann Otoole

If every minute transactions are borked is not added to the downtime metrics then we need a new metric. Currently we have a transactions outage on a daily basis. So it has been a while since there has been a 24 hour period without an outage.

This track record would not fly at any other companies i am familiar with. I do hope they find a way to fix it. I'm pretty sure the economic numbers would improve by some amount as well.

Princess Ivory

I would be very interested to know if the maximum concurrency records consist of a stable population of repeat users, or an ever-revolving door of the new and curious, who may or may not ever visit again. The answer to that question would lend much to predictions regarding the eventual success or failure of Second Life (oh, bother, I forgot again what today's rule is regarding the use of the name "Second Life." I think maybe it is "the virtual reality world known as Second Life™, formerly known as Second Life).

Princess Ivory

Natty C.

With the masses of bots the SL© demographic statistic has lost any significance.

Its just a fake.

As long as LL© is not willing to filter out robots – and alt accounts in the total population statistics – no reputable and informed investor will put any dollar into the Grid™.

All together with the bunch of other wrong decisisions LL© is a master example for a company with a superb product, damaged by their lack of strategic and marketing skills. I am sure 3D will play a major role in the internet in the future. But not with the burned out "Second Life©" title.

Who will bet?

Pappy Enoch

At 375 fake pounds, I are as big as any two avamaters, not counting draguns, jargantick row-butts, and walkin' oak trees (an so forth).

Duz I count as TU avamaters when I are on that Linden-Log? N' wen I falls off'n it, du the count go down tu o' wun?

If Mistophur Au wood like mee to du sum investermigative reportage, hee knows whar tu find mee.


It seems SL is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope so, it is a great place ^^

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