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Thursday, March 20, 2008


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As my comment to Vint's weblog has yet to appear since yesterday afternoon, I'll post the general gist here:

-> For the average person logging on (those mostly interested in socializing and the occasional purchase), even CB-1 did not matter. This will be no different, despite discussion otherwise.

-> As you said, most of the damage was done from the hype and reaction itself rather than the actual thefts. One example of that is myself - I was on the libsl group (primarily filling out comments for functions generated around the protocol). Between the bad press around CB and a revised ethics policy from my RL work, I'm no longer able to participate (can't even do anything with the released client).

-> There have been ways of stealing from the client almost as soon as the *very first* one was released, ever. People will continue to do it as things change, just for the challenge (Here, Vint's quote from the discussion /w Philip is dead on target). I personally think that's sad, but only because the effort could be better suited toward producing a better, competing product!


Ann Otoole

Just means LL will have to step up and get serious with policy and governance in respect to IP rights. As it is they have their heads in the sand. Maybe they need to have "Ostrich Studio" as the IP rights and Governance workgroup in LL.

There are things LL can do about it. They cannot stop it. thats a fact. But they can make it very unattractive to get caught. I still think people might think twice before ripping something to sell if it meant that when they sold that ripped skin and sold it only to log in one day and find thousands of angry customers after them because their fancy skin now says "stolen skin" all over it. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing.

I've given up on IP rights for now. Especially on the pjira. Better things to do than worry about that which is ignored by LL. Much better things to do than enter suggestions on pjira and be attacked for expressing an opinion and trying to help improve things.

This problem is something for the new CEO to contend with. This one issue will be the number one thang that tells us what we are dealing with where the new CEO is concerned.

Vint Falken

TSK, I did not get your comment in my moderation queue. I found you between Askimet spam. I'm sorry, I gave up on digging through that everyday manually. Now everything in there just goes 'delete'. (Yours got saved in time, though! ;))

"CopyBot 2.0 Hits Second Life, Lindens cover it up as they have no idea how to stop it."

It's that so-called shadow war I'm curious about. If they are doing something about it, why not share that with us?

If they would do that, openly communicate on this, people would be less 'Lindens don't take our rights serious' and they could indeed 'de-mythify' some rumours & some of the so called 'ways' to stop copybot.

Nyoko Salome


that's a little something i see in the copying window. is this program cracking script protections??? :\


There is a ton of info flying around now as "rumors" about CopyBot, and where its coming from, so I am here to clear it up.


CopyBot 2.0 is here. CopyBot never left us, it simply went into hiding. CopyBot is nothing more than the export and import commands of TestClient, written by Eddy Stryker. As of today there are multiple CopyBot applications floating around the web, some free, others not. One of which is SLBot, on SLX. All this is was a copy of TestClient, with an interface wrapped around it. SLBot required registration as part of the purchase, because those idiots think selling free and open source software is fun. So then the Patriotic Nigras took a copy of SLBot, and decompiled it. They then released it on their blog as an executable, and the source over SVN. So yeah, CopyBot is alive and kicking, and this time he has a pretty interface.

Whether or not CopyBot is of any real importance is up to the individual, but at least now you know the facts.
/me flips the bird to those idiots who think selling free software is a good idea!

Androgyne Michinaga

The thing is that you wouldn't know that your creations have been copied, unless you spotted them on sale somewhere else. If someone gets the copying program and then goes around making themselves a huge wardrobe, getting all the gadgets etc, but doesn't put it for sale in a shop, nobody will now.


It is most certainly alive and kicking, not only that but it is getting regular updates. 2.2 (Alpha) was released the other day which adds the ability to replicate sculpted prims. Work is also being done to allow the copying of attachments.

As Zetaphor said, "CopyBot never left us, it simply went into hiding", and now it's being updated regularly -- that's what content creators should worry about.


Looks like NeilLife is now opensource...

Mirror: http://www.2shared.com/file/7031965/38b2749a/neillife-opensource20.html

Lots of Emerald Viewer features and a special Neil Life "ToolBar" with some hacks.

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