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Friday, March 28, 2008


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Crap Mariner

Three days before I plan on changing the subdomain to avoid any possibility of inSL fallout, he links.

HAH! ;)

Radar Masukami

Crap's not androgynous. He's fully female robot.


Yeah, he's totally a girl. Like Marilyn Manson or 70's Bowie.

Tamara Kirshner

Crap's tendency to go femme and turn me into an unwitting lesbian was what ended our partnership. I'm just sayin'.


OMG That's my sound editing Obi Wan Kenobi! (or Emperor Palpatine more like it)

filthy fluno

Crap Mariner is what pixels are to SL Art...
What bananas are to monkies.... fangs are to dracula... sand is to the desert... nipples are to boobies... wind is to kites... fur is to the furries...

I love Crap... and apparently so can you for $2900 lindens and some double dipped chocolate Matzah!

Dedric Mauriac

Crap is always changing the contestants seating arrangement at every game show for "What is this Crap?". It is always full of humor to the max.

GoSpeed Racer

Crap touched me once. Now I am never alone around her, ever.


Crap Marinar... champion to the underdog, the down-trodden, the vida secunda musician.... slayer of those who would act stupid for the sake of just being stupid, yay! for Crap!

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