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Monday, March 31, 2008


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Ann Otoole

Indeed when the quantity of blogging regarding a bunch of people in some computer games wants to form their own government grows to a certain level then you betcha the real world governments, i.e.; the only ones that matter, will become very interested indeed and will step in to "set the record straight" as to exactly what government is relevant.

This will be very interesting. Good story. Would never have heard about it otherwise. Many thanks!

Morris Vig

Hope he's ready to talk taxes, because that's all I see Congress caring about.

Harper Ganesvoort

Ham, do you have the time straight? The schedule you link to says 9:30; and I think you brought the time forward instead of back, so that it would be 6:30 Pacific/SLT, instead of 12:30.

If I'm wrong, just delete this comment.

Marianne McCann

Why do I see "Casinos" "Internet predators" and "SL Banks" as being the big issues here?


Taxes taxes and taxes O and face time for these guys.

Hamlet Au

Good catch, Harper, thanks; fixed forthwith.

Rusalka Writer

We're at war, the economy is in the dumps, and the dollar is now worth sixty cents. And the Congress is doing what? Looking into virtual worlds and deciding whether steroids are (obviously) being used in baseball.

Why do we vote for these clowns?


Well the fact that Glitteractica Cookie of Techsoup.org and Larry Johnson of The New Media Consortium will be testifying along with Philip is at least some indication that the line of inquiry might venture beyond just taxation matters.

And Ed Markey is a known defender of internet freedom.

So I've got some confidence that the hearings will be more than just a virtual world witch hunt.

Alan Levine

Mr Pixel is going to:

His remarks are posted now in CommentPress format:

Ann Otoole

good hearing. the "in world" survived.


it doesn’t make any sense at all, the world is experiencing financial crisis yet the government is doing nothing but to just talk on senseless things.


Does anyone have a link to this happening in RL?

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