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Monday, March 10, 2008


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Hamlet, you didn't tell people - and perhaps write in your book - that Linden Lab announced a change in their policy regarding companies owning land in 2006, did you? Regine is reporting you said the announcement came after Anshe Chung was on the May 01, 2006 BusinessWeek cover, and that companies supposedly put pressure on them to change their policy?

You're aware that's a mistake, yes?

The announcement came in October 2005. I documented it and also documented on my blog - a year later - LL managing to delete all record of it ("Some Missing Linden Lab Guidance" - http://blog.rebang.com/?p=1038 ).

Hamlet Au

"you said the announcement came after Anshe Chung was on the May 01, 2006 BusinessWeek cover"

No, I didn't say that, I said that the BW cover caused a lot of companies to bang on Linden Lab's door, wanting to set up a presence, and LL referred them to 3rd party metaverse developers. I think that's what Regine meant.

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