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Monday, March 24, 2008


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Ann Otoole

I await your blog commentary on the latest legal ramifications and TOS Section 4.4 regarding the typing of certain letters, that have been in use on the internet for years, on this and other internet websites. The public relations ramifications may be significant in several ways which could have a direct impact on any first round IPO.


As soon as Philip can answer my question (and sort-of challenge) from SOP 2005 with 'yes,' they'll be ready to IPO.

[For those who have not been able to locate their video - I'm the last question for the Fri morning panel - My concern was if LL is intending to become standards-compliant, such as SAS-70 or the ISO-900* series. I probably could have included SOX if I knew about it at the time, let alone the CA law that requires public companies to disclose when they 'lose' private customer data.]

Just from that last note, I personally can't see them going for an IPO anytime soon. And at this point I think Philip agrees. Besides, there *are* advantages to being a private company.


Melissa Yeuxdoux

I let my wishes determine my "No" response, having seen companies go under after going public and falling into the trap of having to live up to pundits' predictions each quarter and the short-sighted decisions that result.

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