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Saturday, March 01, 2008


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Kit Meredith

Hi Hamlet! I'm at http://kitmeredith.blogspot.com, which I realize you already know, but figured a little reminder won't hurt! :)

Good luck with the book promotion!

Tinsel Silvera

I can be found at http://tinselsilvera.blogspot.com/. Thanks Hamlet!

Zoe Compton

Hey! Here's my blog:


Regular reader of NWN, but I'm afraid this is my first comment.

Cherowolf Redgrave

Count me in as well! http://cherowolf.wordpress.com/. Good luck with the book.

dinee Ghia


also a regular reader, best of luck to you.

dinee Ghia

Otenth Paderborn

Every once in a great while I might have something noteworthy at http://otenth.homefries.org


Hi there... I blogged originally for Second Life insider, then VTOR and have been slacking on caliinsecondlife.blogspot.com (or Inside Second Life) for a while, but recently picked up the blogging habit again, and have been posting. I write rather longer posts generally than most bloggers... but not as long as Prokofy!

Chrisy Jewell

My blog is mostly about fashion but i'm exploring a lot in sl and i propose destinations related to art,fun etc. so maybe i could contribute this way here.This is my url.It's up to you :)

Kula Anatine

Thanks a good reason to start up again
hope to see you in world cya

Lillie Yifu

Not sure if they are best for you hamlet... but you should consider three in particular, I think...

Veyron Supercharge http://blog.veyronsupercharge.com/
Thinking Liberally (Jesus' General in his inworld incarnation)
fashion i heart sl (a fashion aggregator)

Shep Korvin

Blog is the new black...


Scottmerrick Oh

http://scottsecondlife.blogspot.com would be me, and I also host the Blogger's Hut at ISTE Island, a site dedicated to educational blogs and education-focused Second Life blogs and here's a SLurl for that: http://preview.tinyurl.com/ytr8rb . Permission to point folks to your list, Captain?

(ISTE Island Bloggers' Hut, ISTE Island (19, 129, 22)

Garth Goode

http://www.slwtf.com - A Second Life Travelogue by Garth Goode

Sofian Mannonen

Hi Hamlet,

I really do not understand what you can do with all these blogs that are stacking on your site, anyway I do not understand anything that happens in Second Life and I write all my worries in http://secondlifesofian.blogspot.com/

Another straw on your back, I hope you can bear it...

Torrid Luna

Hi Hamlet,

Here's our SL related company blog, (only the english category).



Nebulosus Severine

Here's my art blog, 'Chromotive' - http://chromotive.blogspot.com/

I write about my experiences being an artist in Second Life, in regards to my own creations, and my interactions with other artists as well.

Dan Miller

Instead of reading a list of blogs proffered by their own authors, I'd like to hear what blogs YOU read when you're not writing NWN.

Hamlet Au

Well, all the SL blogs I've RSSed (probably about 150 now) including those on the right sidebar, and the usual related MMO/virtual world/game blogs. Also, I Can Haz Cheeseburger. :)

Takuan Daikon

Wow, I had not realized that there were so many sl-related blogs :)

I have a blog at http://www.daikonforge.com that is pretty narrowly focused on melee combat in Second Life, so doesn't have a lot of broad appeal, though I do occasionally write about broader topics as well.

Hamlet Au

Cool! Narrow focus doesn't matter, long as it's SL-related at least 25% of the time.

Enrique Barreiro

Hi Hamlet.

I'm a professor of Virtual Worlds at the University of Vigo (Spain, Europe). The URL is http://www.mundosintetico.org

Thanks :)

Miriel Enfield


Probably not of much interest, as it's my blog for my fashion designs, though I've been writing mainly about building lately.

Ninoramai Hax

I explore a wide range of issue relating to the emerging immersive virtuality. I've started regular segments which include "Today on Tomorrow" (my area for prognostication), "Tools of the Trade" (examining immersive productivity tools), and more.
Check it out at http://theimmersivelife.blogspot.com

Erbo Evans

You could also include "Evans Avenue Exit" at http://evansavenue.wordpress.com. I need to update that more often, but it *is* almost all SL-related...

Simone Brunozzi

As many already did, I'd like to suggest my blog on Second Life:


Looker Lumet

Hi Hamlet, I would like to mention my blog too:
I am a SL photographer who tries to give some insightful information with pictures made inworld.
Thank you!;)

Chloe Streeter

I have a story blog titled Kyūketsuki.


This blog uses images taken within SL to illustrate a story about Japanese vampires.

chestnut rau

occasionally informative, mostly ramblings and wanderings related to live music and sailing on my blog but have a look if you are interested.


Jaymin Carthage

Business blog looking at ROI in virtual worlds:


Androgyne Michinaga

For what it's worth, this is my little blog


I just post on new things that I find, the odd thing that annoys me and if I manage to fix it, and pretty places and clothes!


Hi there.

I have two blogs for you. The first is my blog for work, which includes (when I have time) what is going on for us in Second Life at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

The second blog I write is for a second account I have, one that is not tied to work. With that account I own an art gallery that focuses mostly on photographic art. That can be found at:

HeadBurro Antfarm

I am at http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/ where I write about some of the oldest parts of SL mainland - in fact I've just started a road trip across the first continent that I am also documenting on the CNN iReport site.

Here are the tagged posts so far: http://wordpress.com/tag/bb-road-trip/

Danton Sideways

Hamlet said above that he RSSes some 150 SL blogs, and Takuan Daikon replied: "I had not realized that there were so many sl-related blogs." I was assembling a comprehensive list, but quit when I realised how many there are. If you start from one SL blog and go to all those listed in the sidebar, and then to all that they list, you could probably collect at least a thousand that are just focused on Second Life.

Then there is the list of 80 or 90 "hottest" SL blogs given at http://sweetsecondlife.com/community . It is interesting to watch the inexplicable ups and downs. At the moment Gwyneth Llewelyn is at number 2, whereas recently she had dropped much farther down. Hamlet you're at 9, while Prokofy has dropped to 25. And the defunct SL Insider is at 4!?

Mine is a modest, intermittent Second Life blog: http://dantonsideways.blogspot.com . I give impressions of a newbie (born last November), mixed with some deeper research and reflections. I get ideas reading Prokofy's long posts and the comments on them – it's a bloody full-time job.

Yukiko Omegamu

heres my company blog posting :) rss feeds included

Nexii Malthus

Hey Hamlet,

Here is my blog, haven't updated it in a while though, I think I might do quite soon.



my blog focus on sl to rl issues, metaverse artists, sl to rl artists, contemporary art, immersive experiences, Chinese culture, Digital Guqin instrument and Museum, youtube selections, film reviews.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Mine is http://ccslfashionista.blogspot.com Mostly fashion commentary

Luca Spoldi / Lukemary Slade

What do yout think to take a look to this italian SL-residents online community's? It is in Italian and English as well in many areas of it, and can find some news, ideas, hopinions... about the metaverse and the Italian players on it. Hope you can enjoy, and compliments for your inspiring blog!

Luca Spoldi / Lukemary Slade

oops... it seems difficoult if I don't let you know the URL, isn't? Sorry... here it is:


Ian Betteridge

I post Second Life stuff mainly at my "other" blog, www.the-metaverse.com

Clare Atkins

Hi my Second Life blog is at http://arwennastardust.wordpress.com

Margaret Ostrander/Testy Outlander

Second Life Research Journal

I believe I already threw this one into another comment queue in NWN, but here it is again, just in case:

QueenKellee Kuu

(better late than never, I guess...)


Nahasa Singh

I'll go minimalist now, because my previous 2 attempts to post here were flagged as potential spam by Typepad. Here's my SL blog, enjoy ! :


Peter Stindberg


My 2 cents


Hello, I just joined http://www.touristandtravel.info/corsica-single-day-tour-out-of-porto-vecchio/ - http://images.372morf.com/i.gifthe forum. I came here before but choose to join today.

Hotspur O'Toole

Hotspur O'Toole, an earthy observer type living in Caledon for the time being.



Found that game on net ! - >> http://is.gd/uMgD

real fun ....

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