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Thursday, April 10, 2008


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This is awesome, thank you for posting this. I've always been annoyed with "popular" places list since it's incredibly useless.


Problem with this, is not everyone gets a voting kiosk. It is b.places decision who gets one. So you end up with places that only meet b.places approval. So even if you get a kiosk, you still have to get people to come vote. So you still have places, like a certain asian escort service I know who has artificially boosted their traffic with bots for months now, who get all the votes. While good places that don't cheat are ignored. This place maintains over 8000 traffic, mostly fake and has over 300 votes.


Someone should make a place to keep a list of all places that cheat, so we can boycott them. Death to the bots!


GAWD I have been spammed so many times by b.places I'll never goto any of the sites they sponser!


I've found some great spots with b-places. I love it. Some truely beautiful builds and sims out there.


Another good option is the new Showcase section of Secondlife.com. Linden Lab quietly launched that a couple of months ago. It features a directory of cool places and other guide content.


I think that the service offered by b-places is great. A truly resident voted directory.
Found some really cool places with the HUD.

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