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Friday, April 18, 2008


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Eggy Lippmann

Not sure what kind of internet you got over there, Hamlet, here we have 24 mbit DSL for 39.90 and everything loads pretty fast. If the asset server cooperates! :D
The main problem with Second Life and lag today is the graphics card.
Even modern low-end cards run Second Life crazy-slow.
Actually, modern low-end cards can run Second Life SLOWER than older cards!
This is because they stopped bundling an adequate amount of graphics memory with the card, and instead are using main system memory for graphics.
It is a slower type of memory, and the data has to travel back and forth across the whole motherboard.

Hamlet Au

Ironically, Egg baby, much of the SF Bay Area's broadband is teh suxor.

Elle Pollack

@Eggy: 5 megabits is the average top end for home internet bandwidth in the US right now with some ISPs starting to offer "premium" 10mbit lines. Yeah, US bandwidth avalibility sucks.

Nexii Malthus

I would like to take a note here that I noticed a comment published on a BBC article of this Grid which mentioned that the Grid is not just a faster internet but a range of technologies and software that let scientists compute the huge data needed for CERN. The faster speeds were accomplished by just basically re-creating the network with better routers and fiber optic cables instead of the telephone cables our current rusting system is based on.

What we need for faster connections is to replace all the current copper cables with fiber optic ones and between all the nodes.

The only way to have faster connections though is to pressurize our internet service providers who are currently extremely reluctant, who are using their time to milk out the money out of their ignorant customer base.

There is also not enough incentive for rivalry to establish to offer better speeds, all we getting are just special offers, nothing new. The customers are just basically being flogged back and forth with silly bonuses and offers without any investment.


Nexii, if we pressurize our ISPs, they'll just go SQUISH and make an aweful mess.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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