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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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Viajero Pugilist

Thanks Rik for all your great suggestions. I popped inworld a number of times the past year to see some of the best events around because of your helpful write-ups.

Charlanna, I'd love it if you'd create a GCalendar feed, as Rik did :-)

Vidal Tripsa

My hearty congratulations to Lanna! Rik has left quite a legacy, but Lanna is surely the person to... well, not fill his shoes, but slip on a slightly different, more feminine pair of blogging heels. I'm looking forward to the first 'Lanna's List'. :)

Kit Meredith

While I also hate to see Rik go, I am thrilled that Lanna is going to be using her unique talents to bring us a little slice of the best of SL. Of course, maybe I'm a little biased. ;)

Gita Rau

Congrats to Lanna on her new position! As a new regular reader of NWN I'm sure to be well informed ^__^

Gita Rau

Congrats to Lanna on her new position! As a new regular reader of NWN I'm sure to be well informed ^__^

Michel Manen

Very best wishes to Lana and congrats to Hamlet for choosing the perfect person for the job. I'll be looking forward to reading Lana's List every week... ;)


Congrats to Lanna. I am highly interested to see what events she brings to the SL Blogging table.


I'm both saddened to be leaving a post that I've enjoyed filling since 2006 and happy to be passing it on to someone who I'm confident will bring new energy and direction to the Event Picks.

Charlanna clearly is doing this for the right reasons, and is keen to highlight the best of what's happening in the metaverse. All the best!

Chez Nabob

I had the pleasure of meeting Lanna last night and chatting a bit after hearing many good things about her. Congratulations Lanna and NWN.


Thanks to all of you for the very kind welcome! I will do my best to keep the quality as high as Rik was able to do with his picks. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email or IM me. :)

boheme Oh

This should be fun! Lanna's observations are bound to be both insightful and entertaining -- she's steered me to some of the best haps and info re: SL so I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us. And no, the lovely Lanna did not pay me to write this (thanks for the shoes, the house, the parcel and those fabulous skins, Lanna) ;-)

Sophrosyne Stenvaag

Best wishes and bon voyage to Rik! He's been a gem to work with.

Wow, whoever recommended Lanna must have keen insight and be a stellar judge of character! :P

Can't wait for Lanna's List!


Congratulations Lanna, and Hamlet I think you made a wonderful choice.

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