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Monday, April 28, 2008


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Kit Meredith

While I take full credit for the lampshade (and the skirt, which I notice you didn't share with us here...), the garbage bags were someone else's idea. And the cockroach? That was actually another of Flea's incarnations. :)

It was fun, Hamlet. Glad to see we entertained the RL crowd as well as ourselves.


Wow, what an awesome party that seemed.

I seriously need to get rid of my lone wolf mentality and socialize ;).

Nexii Malthus

Aww, wish I had been invited!

Bettina Tizzy

Hamlet, I withheld all my photographs of said "dressing" of your away-avatar, out of... um... consideration for you :D BUT given that they've been outed, I'm publishing mine, too.

Lyra Millionsofus

Hey, you didn't have to host.. that was my job, remember? However I will admit to the garbage bags. We just couldn't resist, haha


It sucks that I had to miss this! Glad it was a fun event.

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