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Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Renmiri Writer

Nice place!!! Lyra is a great builder :)

Efemera Bisiani

Sadly I couldn't make the event, but hope all had a great time. I was hoping to be able to attend because there's a question I've been wanting to ask you for a while now Hamlet.

Obviously, the white suit is a "trademark" for you, similar to ex-war correspondent Martin Bell, and it certainly makes you a recognisable figure. But why, given your skill at highlighting great content on the grid, have you not updated your look in what seems like forever (I'm guessing prolly since before I was rezzed!)? I'm sure Iris would help you shop if you asked nicely ;)

This is not as flippant a comment as it may seem. I can understand Philip staying in a system av as a statement regarding the inworld tools, (tho I bet his alt has a tasty skin and some nice threads!) but given your role in sharing the wonders of SL with us all, I'm not quite sure what your thinking on that is.

Personally, I look on my avatar as a form of art in itself. Not in the sense that the (also wonderful) Bettina Tizzy might highlight, my av is very much standard - human, nice hair, pretty clothes - but in the sense of an expression of our inner selves, a self-portrait if you will. I know that I am always growing and changing, and my look reflects this, in albeit subtle ways.

Is the fixed nature of your own look a statement that you are completely satisfied with yourself as you are now? Is it a way of masking your internal self from the SL community and thus encouraging further disclosure, in much the same way as a psycho-analyst will seat themselves out of sight of a patient? Or is it just because boys don't like to shop?!

Hamlet Au

These are good points! Never fear, a makeover is imminent.

Thanks for all who came, was a great time!

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