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Monday, April 14, 2008


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Dedric Mauriac

SL has a way of drawing different types of people into it. It's like you hate to love it sometimes, but you can't stay away. It is the most entertaining thing around and nothing else really compares against it for geeks like myself.

Patou Dumont

I was very disappointed when the news of Nicholaz stopping his patch versions hit the blogs. I still use his last patched version and plan on keep using it until something else as stable comes alone. Let's just say I want to enjoy my time in-world, not grow tired and angry every time the official client shuts down my whole computer.


I'm not holding my breath on Qarl's word there- I would die if I did.

Cyde Weys

It's important to consider at this point the difference between free (as in libre) software and software that merely has open source. I suspect Nicholaz got fed up and left because the Lindens weren't making the software client free enough in the free software sense.

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