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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


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Interesting how your example is neither OWNED or LICENSED by Linden Labs or the dozens of "fans" making a living off of the Galactica brand selling products in the sim.

Obviously MMOs are part of the future for all genre TV shows and Movies...

But this example shows nothing but shortsited greed by fans and LL. These types of sims will only make Shows like galactica less common and more expensive to produce as their license is devalued by rogue companies like SL.

The L Word Sim would have been a proper choice.



bitorrent lost. 100 million..

read the last sentence of the story reported...

web2.0 just ended.:)
time for LL to clean up its act....

a good day for content makers..
bad day for web2.0 crooks.:)

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