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Friday, May 23, 2008


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CronoCloud Creeggan

MyHeritage.com seems to base the match primarily on how ones hair frames ones face, not makeup/face shape or haircolor.

Ann Otoole

Not too sure about that crono. I did a pic of my avi with no hair and got a match on Drew Barrymore. Heck I don't even know a single movie with her in it. Who knew lol?

Shape/skin makers might find this a very valuable resource indeed if they can accomplish 100% matches.

Ann Otoole

After fiddling with this tool I found that doing the pic bald produces the most repeatable results.
And the overall effect appears to be related mostly to the skin. Some skins I have produced zero matches. But the skin I normally wear produced this: http://www.annotoole.com/AnnLookAlikes.jpg

I tried it with my Asian shape and my normal shape and most of the same celebs were present but with lower match probability against the Asian. Thus its the skin, not the hair or shape mainly. But shape plays an important part as far as shape outline appearance. (pear, heart, oval, etc.)

Connie Sec

Yep, did this a while back. I'd wear one hair and get zero matches..and another with matches. Change hair, a different batch of "matches". A fun thing to add to your Flickr profile mind you :)

Laetizia Coronet

Whoever has a thing for appearing as realistic as possible, might want to look here (click on 'portfolio', then on the celebs at the bottom of the page) before comparing him/herself to pictures of celebs.
Photorealistic - or Photoshopalistic?

Nicola Escher

Hehe, you're about 2 years behind on this meme, Hamlet:


Here's the weird thing. Since I posted that on my blog "Katrina Kaif" is continually one of the top incoming search keywords to my site!

DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

I have done this before, can't remember which was the match, Drew Barrymore I think. However on this run thru I only got single hits, one with hair and one with out. Zhang Ziyi and Devon Aoki. Was not familiar with either women (am now). I have refined my look since first entering SL and it makes sense that I would tend toward an asian influence as I was raised in Hawaii. I do think it is more likely a combo of things, influx of new brings a broader concept of beauty and perhaps an updated pool of celebrities. It is interesting though how it makes me re-examine my own concept of self.

Princess Ivory

Hamlet, I think your 15-person sample must all buy their shapes off the rack at the same store, so to speak. I ran my avatar through this twice, once in August 2007, and once now, a year later. The only real difference was a change in hair and skin. My shape,especially my face, remains compeletely unchanged over the course of the year. And I did not get ANY of the "popular celebrities" that your fashionsita sample seemed so prone to. In fact, I got a lot of Japanese matches! I think maybe my large eyes and pointed chin are what do it. Anyway, my top match a year ago was Ayumi Hamasaki (80% rating), and this year, it was Ai Otsuki (76% rating). Mind you, I'm not Japanese, and neither is my character. See my results here:

May 2008:

August 2007:

And when I ran a RL picture of myself, my top hit was Jennifer Garner! I guess they picked up on that girl next door aspect of my appearance!

Princess Ivory


I got Sarah Silverman. Woot!


Gahum Riptide

What's funny is, Gahum pulls up almost all female celebrities when he has his hair on. Cindy Crawford apparently is his best match, although he did score Cilian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Donnie Osmond. He scored Krisdyanti, an Indonesian singer.

When I take the hair off, he gets Heidi Lum as his top choice, followed closely by David Boreanaz. He got Patricia Velazquez both times. This time, he gets an Indian celebrity, Bipasha Basu. He also managed to score Cary Grant (at 55%).

Using the eyebrow straightening attachment that came with his favorite skin (the skin normally has angled eyebrows), his top choice is now Julia Roberts followed by Ricky Martin. He now gets 5 male celebrities: Ricky Martin, Henry Cavill, Boy George (a much younger, skinnier Boy George), Steve Buscemi, and Jamie Callum.

naruto episode

Whoever has a thing for appearing as realistic as possible, might want to look here (click on 'portfolio', then on the celebs at the bottom of the page) before comparing him/herself to pictures of celebs.
Photorealistic - or Photoshopalistic?


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