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Monday, May 12, 2008


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Ann Otoole

Yessir! Learning how to do the Beltway Two Step sure has it's advantages in the long run.

Number one recommendation I make to any startup that will have country wide or planetary significance is to get to Washington DC and get busy schmoozing. The power of this cannot be understated.

Of course the presence of Phillip Rosedale giving testimony before Congress has nothing at all to do with all these sudden reversals of opinion in the media.

Does it?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Good news coming on the heels of a hellish SL weekend, when the assets servers came apart and some of us rezzed bald and barefoot. I'm already bald, no np on that front :)

Yet I am sure some of us lost no-copy items...The LL Grid Status updates were as ominous as I've seen them yet. Just imagine how that will influence skeptics to return to SL.

But this fool keeps rushing in...I just hope this turn in the tide by critics does not drive more folks back to SL than the creaky database can handle!

LL--if you read this--we need out-of-client inventory backup NOW. That's my only major gripe after 15 months in-world.

Suzanne Aurilio

Thanks for the backstory, very useful. I'd seen the article, shrugged it off and moved to another tab, thinking it was kind of old news (To us it is).
I came back to it and thought, I could use it in my rhetoric (to educators) : "See....it's a fun meeting place, an (not the) alternative to other ways of meeting with folks who aren't a stone's throw away.
I seriously doubt, although I don't know, that they're doing much more with SL. I couldn't tp home most of the night last night. NP, I was there to play not to work.
Not dissing SL, just sober about it's potential and limitations for teaching and learning.

BurghMike3V Michalak

Second Life offers countless opportunities to engage in activites that might, in RL, be deemed too risky. Among these is opening a virtual business. Being provided the ability to engage my entrepreneurial spirit with greatly reduced risks prompted me to open a 60s retro cafe in Febuary, and I'm now in my 4th location, with a growing clientele.

What I now experience, and what I think is endemic to SL is that the more popular my venue becomes, the more dificulty people have navigating to and staying in the place. It's a two edged sword, I want to grow in popularity, but don't want that growth to impact the quality of the experience.


Bah. One of those classic examples of journalistic 'finesse,' taking the smallest kernel of truth & spinning it out into a baldfaced lie that makes for jucier-sounding copy:

"The virtual world's early inhabitants, who largely disdain anything with a corporate tinge, rebelled by launching terrorist attacks and starting gunfights in the shops. Faced with empty storefronts and ridicule, many companies pulled out."

While I'm positive some of that sort of griefing did actually happen, as I understand it, it was the metaverse's GENERAL INDIFFERENCE to the obvious, empty branding efforts that actually hurt the poor-wittle corpowations' feelings, causing them to take their ball & go home.

It wasn't that we were hostile, we just weren't paying any attention to them...

Hyperbole from journalists isn't anything new, tho. *shrug

Hamlet Au

Yeah, I totally agree, I've never seen much explicit anti-corporate sentiment, as opposed to indifference.

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