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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Orionalation Carver

Nice piece, I hope I can get a downloadable version of the movie to watch here in Pakistan (piracy is my best friend because of limited resources).

Hoping you will actually take an interest in my story by the way. you have to admit, there aren't many Pakistani stand-up comedians performing in SL vying for your attention!

Bettina Tizzy

Hail Oz, King of the Hobos!

I am PROUD to call myself a Hobo, and darn proud to call Orhalla Zander a friend. Thanks to him, I had a family, a community, and a place to call my own as soon as I arrived.

And, no... Oz doesn't sound like that IRL. The editors played tricks on him!

Pappy Enoch

Them-thar hobos bin rite kind tu a po' hillbilly stuk the fake wirld o' Secund Life.

I luvs Calleta almos' a much as Enoch Holler n' tu ol' Orhalla I sez--yu kin bee mah king enny ol' time.

PS tu Orionalation: That ain't stealin' frum Home Bux Orifice: it are appropriatin' the means o' produckshun frum the boob-oisie, as ol' Groucho Marx dun sed.

Heather Shortbread

Great job guys, I am happy to be a part of it!


I'm glad to see Orhalla has grown this far. I remember when he was in the WA in a cardboard box. That's a Second Life success story, for sure — and the founding of Calleta's Infohub is a another set of stories unto itself.

Congratulations, Hobo King.

Orhalla Zander

Thanks Everyone For Your Support!!


Maxheadroom NOT the first?

People think Second Lifers are narrow minded wannabe intellectual geeks who rationalize their "virtuality". Your logic that dismisses the great one only reinforces that stereotype, great job there.

Just give credit to where credit is due.

Hamlet Au


I'm just saying Max Headroom was always known to be the actor Matt Frewer, while Orhalla Zander is entirely virtual. Well, until he shows up at SLCC or something.


It is a shame I missed this. I will be looking on Cinemax to see if it is still showing and what the show times are. If ya'll miss any shows you can always look on there too :)

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