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Monday, May 12, 2008


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Sophrosyne Stenvaag

In a year marked by virtual worlds development projects rooted in corporate fear of the customer, this is a fantastic development.

Trust and openness build loyalty and respect. Closure, defensiveness and hostility build resentment and contempt.

Lindens take note...


OMG I was SOOOO excited to find out that the Iron Man avatar is FULL-PERMS (!!!). When I heard they were giving free ones out, my initial thought was that it would be restrictive, but thankfully that was without basis. Woohoo! I spread word of this 'round the lab... also see this group for my pix and mo' rad customizations!

» Iron Man in Second Life

As you can see, works wonders for motivational posters.



Sorry Marvel I was ummm...ummm...hey, Tony Stark had a drinking problem, ya' know. Dancing at a strip club in full armor is probably not the worst thing he ever did!

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