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Saturday, May 10, 2008


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Sachie Bade

First off, I love NWN. I started reading this blog before I even had an avatar in SL, and it made the whole prospect that much more compelling.

I think that what I would like to see is coverage of daily life from your perspective. In addition to what you are already doing, it would be refreshing to occasionally see you look at the world in a microscopic way, the first time land buyer's story, the tale of a relationship gone sour, the little narratives that will eventually give this place the kind of material that anthropologists will want to study. A little bit of Mamma Day in other words--the first scene when the ethnographer comes home to discover the complexity of speaking for his subjects, no matter how familiar they are to him. That I would love to read, paragraph upon paragraph. Thanks for asking.

Orionalation Carver

How about the international audience of SL? I am a Pakistani stand-up comedian, living in Karachi, whose only access to international audiences is through SL. I do live shows twice a week and it is the only way I have of hoping to get noticed abroad and test my material out on a non-local audience.

I have met people from all over the world in SL and it's what keeps bringing me back to it.

Widget Whiteberry

Netroots Nation - the annual conference of DailyKos - will come to Second Life again this summer (July). I'll be working on inworld programming and I'd love to see some coverage here.

Hamlet Au

I'll IM you soon, Mr. Carver!

Rik covered last year's Kos in SL convention, Widget, and are definitely happy to mention this year's one, too-- please send the info to me and Charlanna (click the "Listing SL Events" link at top left.)

Thanks for the props, Sachie, I agree more day-to-day insights are needed. I used to do more of that before the book writing/promotion started sucking into my SL time, so I hope to get back into that more.

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

I'd actually like to see you take on a contributor or two and cover more areas of Education and interesting methods of Collaboration in SL.

Pappy Enoch

Why Hillbilly news, Mistophur Au. That lack o' coveruge am as plane as the nose on the top o' mah head, sir.

I kin beekum the best NWN rovin' reeporter yu evur met!

Ol' Iggy Onnagodadavida don't pay mee doodly-squat, tho he bin a-promisin' mee a Pullet-Surprize sum day fo' my stories.

I are still waitin!


Another vote for more international stuff. Getting Japanese and Brazilian correspondents to say what is happening in their communities would be really interesting to me.

I know some of it from my own connections, but more consistent coverage would be appreciated.

Hamlet Au

That's a really good idea, Rik, I've definitely been thinking about it. Challenge is to find someone who's a) fluent in Japanese/Portuguese *and* English, b) a great writer, c) not up to his (or her) ears in work already.


Well, one thing that could be interesting to cover and track is migrations from other worlds - in particular ones that have closed recently.

Though I'm (obviously) thinking about Myst Online's Second Shutdown last month, it would be interesting to see how many have come in recently from other worlds or games.

MO:UL, of course, is a bit of a special case - they shutdown twice, so a second wave of migrants (with new 'leadership') has arrived and is quite active. They're trying a different track in keeping folks here (more in-line with the realities of SL today) and it will be interesting to see how it fares.

Drop me a note if you're interested; I can discuss this in more detail and include names and locations. The MOUL community is international in scope so it could be interesting.


PS - Amusingly, this time around I've decided to give There a whirl instead (as well as some RL activities like MMA). Liking it too...

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