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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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Jacqrat Pizzicato

My pick for the hottest new summer fashion? (Are you sitting down...? GOOD!) Because there is actually something new that looks GREAT for guys -- Comfortable Casual Sandals, from Cat's Cradle.

These sandals are for those times when you don't feel like dressing up... With a wide array of colors and styles, (there's 20 of them!) you can always look fashionable - even if you're just kicking back, watching the frost drip down your beer bottle!

Kerupa Flow is the artist behind these beautifully crafted men's casuals, and if these are any indication, we will be seeing really fabulous fashion coming soon from her Cat's Cradle brand. For a sample of the good things to come, visit her small new storefront, where she has the "Mediterranean" (deep, sun-kissed colors) Line for sale:


Smella Sensenig

Why does it matter? We don't have seasons in SL anyway.

Princess Ivory

New Twisted Glitter bikini - 21 colors, $L65. The top is on two layer and the bottom on 3 - copy/modify-no transfer. Perfect match for that now suntan oil skin you may have bought - or just for looking hawt on the beach! Fat pack is available - all 21 colors for $L650!

Plush Omicron: Secondwave Apparel
City of SC Design: Secondwave Apparel SC Design

Blog post with pictures: http://secondwavefashion.blogspot.com/2008/05/twisted.html

Iris Ophelia

Why do seasons matter? Well there are a few reasons.

Seasons in RL fashion tend to herald new collections (Spring and Fall mainly) which means new trends and popular new styles that inspire our own SL designers.

More influential however is our own mindset. When summer comes to most residents, they get summery thoughts and summery outfits come together. While we have the choice to dress seasonally, the overwhelming majority like to imitate real life in Second Life. In maaany ways, beyond clothing in general. ^^

CleoPatra Guyot

I wanted to put in a plug for my BF's very first design for women, since he won't do it for himself.

He was inspired by a recent trip to New Mexico and seeing Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings to make an ensemble inspired by her well-known image of poppies; the skirt looks and moves like flower petals, includes a bustier top, textured belt, bracelets and a scarf, along with a reproduction of her painting and a short bio blurb about O'Keeffe--fashion and feminist art history in one package!

He is working now on more flower-themed dresses, inspired by some of his own photographs of spring landscapes. His store is New York Couture, in Expression's Mall or Sailor's Cove.

Pappy Enoch

Burlap sacks am awl the rage in Enoch Holler rite now, Miz Iris.

Them gals wares 'em short in the summer..yu come on by sumtime fo' a fashun show. We'll put on the dawg rite good fo' yu!


It seems to me that a lot of people with visible work put a lot of thought into it before hand.
Recently I discovered a rant on quite a respected figure in the tattoo community's Myspace. I say rant, it was more like pure venomous hatred.
It would seem that some find young people with visible ink, impatient and disrespectful, and they must all just think it's cool to have visible work.
I'm 23, My first tattoo was on my shoulder, then my wrists, then I got a full sleeve. Then I moved to my hands, then neck and I also have a large part of my leg tattooed.
It took me about two years to get the opportunity to get my hand tattooed by my idol, and then my neck by an artist I greatly admire, a lot of time, effort and thought was put into both of these.
Even though I'm somewhat older and do have a fair bit of coverage, I might still be classed as young and "under-tattooed" to have such visible work, and I can't help but think that's kinda crazy!
Sure I've seen some 18 year olds with kanji on their necks or poorly executed skulls on their hands, and you can almost tell they rushed into it, wanting everyone to see their new work as clearly as possible, and fine that to me is impatient and maybe even attention seeking.
Basically what I'm trying to say is that not everyone who has visible work is disrespectful to the art, some people invest a great deal of time, money and effort into getting that particular location inked with the highest standard work possible.
It's kinda funny to find prejudice within a community that tries so hard to divert it away from itself.


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