Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Open Forum: What SL Blogs Should I Subscribe To?

My RSS feed: Let me show you it.  This is a list of all the blogs on my Bloglines feed, also listed below the break.  317 in all, almost all of which are directly Second Life related.  I know I'm missing many more-- there's well over 600, by some estimates.  If you don't see yours, or a personal favorite, please post the URL in Comments!

My Blogroll

    * ...Tech Tucked Under A Wing...
    * 2nd Sex
    * :: bring the funny v.2 ::
    * A Real Girl in a Fake World
    * A Stroll Through Caledon
    * Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book
    * AjaxLife Blog
    * All Things Tiessa
    * An Engine Fit For My Proceeding
    * Apple Movie Trailers
    * Arcana Noctis
    * Architecture +
    * The arcspace Eco-friendly Community Blog
    * Are we not men?
    * Aren Mandala
    * Around the Grid
    * Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
    * avenging avatar
    * Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly
    * Backpacking Burro
    * bb-road-trip « Tag Feed
    * Being Zoe
    * Bella in Second Life
    * The Best of Second Life Blog
    * blogdex - the weblog diffusion index
    * blogHUD : : blogging from Second Life
    * Bloglines | News
    * Boing Boing
    * Botgirl's Second Life® Diary
    * Brace Blog
    * BreakThink Tank - secondlife
    * Broadly Offensive
    * Broken Toys
    * BuzzMachine
    * Caliandris Pendragon
    * Ch'know?
    * The Chase
    * Chromotive
    * Clever Zebra
    * The Click Heard Round the World
    * Clickable Culture - Second Life
    * collapsing geography
    * collision detection
    * Confessions of an Aca/Fan
    * Content Confessional
    * cracklin to what's happening right now
    * The Creation Engine
    * Crimson Flow
    * Cute Overload
    * Cybernetic dreams
    * The Daily Gut
    * Dedric Mauriac: Another life from the first
    * Delicious Ideas
    * Digg / Gaming
    * Dispatches from the Imagination Age
    * Dr. Frank's What's-it
    * Dusan Writer's Metaverse
    * Dusan Writer's Metaverse - ARCHIVE PLEASE REDIRECT TO Http://dus
    * Dwell On It
    * Economics of Virtual Worlds
    * Education in Second Life by Topher Zwiers
    * eightbar
    * Eladrienne's Other Life!
    * Electric Sheep Company
    * Engadget
    * Engrish
    * epredator's blog - The real life of a metaverse evangelist
    * The Escapist : Latest News
    * Evans Avenue Exit
    * FAIL Blog - Fail Pictures at Failblog.ORG
    * FAIL Blog - Fail Pictures at Failblog.ORG
    * Fail Dogs
    * RSS
    * Fashion World of SL
    * The Faux Press in Second Life
    * Federated Media / Tech
    * Finding ROI in Virtual Worlds
    * Gamasutra Feature Articles
    * game girl advance
    * Geek Entertainment TV
    * Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome
    * gewgaw
    * GigaOM
    * Girl meets Second Life
    * Girl Wonder Speaks...about Second Life®
    * Gizmodo
    * The Grid Live
    * Gropius: Bauhaus in Second Life
    * Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog
    * Gwyn's Home
    * Handsfree 3D
    * Healing Iraq
    * Hibernia on the Skids
    * i-Anya
    * IDG ~ A SecondLife Design Company
    * The Immersive Life
    * In Kenzo in AMO
    * In the Grid: Full feed summaries
    * (v.2)
    * Interesting Times
    * io9
    * Jay is Games
    * Jeffrey Goldberg
    * Jonathan Coulton
    * Joystiq
    * Just me, dinee
    * KdeL
    * keiko takamura's blog.
    * Kidd Newchurch's Second Life
    * Kotaku
    * Kotaku:
    * Kryptonia's Weblog
    * Kula Anatine from Second life®™
    * Kyūketsuki
    * Latest Activity on Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance
    * Latest Activity on Second Life Bloggers
    * Latest Movie Trailers
    * Lemon SL [not Lem On SL]
    * Linden Lifestyles
    * lisselivingston
    * Livin’ La Vida Segunda
    * Living in the Metaverse
    * Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
    * Looker Lumet
    * The Looking Glass Magazine
    * Marc Cooper
    * Massively
    * Mean Girls Guide to SL
    * MediaShift
    * Meta Metaverse
    * The Metaverse Journal - Australia's Virtual World News Service
    * Michael J. Totten
    * Millions of Us
    * Miriel
    * MixedRealities
    * The Money Quote
    * Morphing Through Time
    * Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?
    * » World of SL
    * MTV Multiplayer
    * MTV Remote Control Blog
    * My Digital Double
    * My So Called Second Life
    * neo-neocon
    * New World Notes
    * New York Review of Books
    * newly born
    * NewTeeVee
    * Next Generation
    * Nintendo Wii Fanboy
    * No Signal Input
    * Not Possible IRL
    * NPSL: Nonprofits in Second Life - Saving the (virtual) world
    * NYT > Arts
    * NYT > Media & Advertising
    * NYT > Most E-Mailed
    * NYT > Movie News
    * NYT > Opinion
    * NYT > Technology
    * NYT > U.S.
    * NYT > Washington
    * NYT > Week in Review
    * Official Second Life Blog
    * The Official SLCC Blog
    * Oh Second Life
    * Omega Point
    * Omniversing..
    * Ophelia Drowns
    * OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today
    * Overheard in New York
    * park life
    * | Reports
    * The Plank
    * Play This Thing
    * played in Italy
    * Postcards From Yo Momma
    * PostSecret
    * Power Source
    * Primforge » English
    * qLab
    * Quarter Life Crisis
    * Raph's Website
    * Reading Radar
    * Reuters/Second Life » Second Life
    * Rheta’s World
    * Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    * Romenesko
    * Rykerized: One Girl's Opinion
    * Salon
    * Salon: How the World Works
    * The Sandbox
    * SaveMe Oh's Weblog
    * Second Effects
    * Second Life
    * Second Life
    * Second Life & Times of Olympia Rebus
    * Second Life - The Best of the Best
    * Second Life Art News
    * Second Life at FIT
    * Second Life at hand
    * Second Life Community Convention
    * Second Life Future Salon
    * Second Life Games
    * Second Life Herald
    * The Second Life Of Tecno Tiger
    * Second Life Pros
    * Second Life Research Journal
    * Second Life Shameless Gossip
    * Second Life, SL, SecondLife
    * second life® of my dreams
    * Second News! Brasil
    * Second Style Fashionista
    * The Secondlife Newspaper
    * SFGate
    * SFGate: Technology
    * Shiny [*] Journal
    * The Shockwave Writer
    * Shoes For Heroes
    * Shop Till U Drop!!!
    * Shopping Cart Disco
    * Sin Trenton
    * SL Fashion Police
    * SL Fashion SOS
    * SL iReports
    * SL Review™
    * SL Trip Tips - Cool tips, secrets, touring, and resources for Se
    * SL Trip Tips - Cool tips, secrets, touring, and resources for Se
    * SL Under the Radar
    * Slashdot
    * Slashdot: Games
    * Slate Magazine
    * SLED® Blog
    * SLOG
    * SLunionisland
    * SLWTF - A Second Life travelogue by Garth Goode
    * Snake's Ladder
    * Something Awful
    * sorry.afk
    * Speculaativity--Second Life Speculaations!
    * Spirit of America's Public Site - Home
    * The Strange But True Adventures of CyFishy Traveler
    * Streeter Scene
    * Studio Wikitecture: Opening Architecture
    * Stuff White People Like
    * Summer Seale
    * The Superficial - Because You're Ugly
    * Susan Wu - Venture Capital
    * Swann bb sl/rl
    * T I N Y D A N C I N G
    * Table of Malcontents
    * Tamed Frustration
    * TechCrunch
    * Techmeme - AideRSS (Great)
    * Teen Grid News
    * Tenth Life
    * Terra Aeronautics - Virtual vehicles for the metaverse
    * Terra Nova
    * This Virtual Life
    * Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog
    * Timothy's Second Life Experience
    * Tinsel Silvera
    * Today's Top 10 Viral Videos
    * Tooter Claxton
    * Torley Lives
    * Total Dick-Head
    * transArchitectural Topography
    * Trending
    * Trep Cosmo: SL Explorer
    * Trinity Serpentine
    * Twitter / machinima
    * Twitter / slhamlet
    * UgoTrade
    * Veyron's Adventures
    * Virtual Bailey
    * Virtual Interactive Architectures
    * Virtual Jungle
    * Virtual Worlds Forum blog
    * Virtual Worlds News
    * Virtually Blind | Virtual Law
    * Warren Ellis
    * Warren Spector's blog
    * Links
    * we make money not art
    * WebMetricsGuru
    * Welcome to the Gallery Beleza at Avendale
    * What Is This Crap?
    * The White Room
    * why my (second) life
    * Wired Top Stories
    * Women of Second Life
    * Wonderland
    * Writing the Sonnet
    * wu-had
    * YesButNoButYes Stories
    * Your Godless Goddess
    * Your2ndPlace - Our Realities. Our Worlds.
    * ysé sliffeuse et gloodeuse
    * Zoe Connolly's Virtual World
    * ~w00t~


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Virtual Village Voice of course.

Thanks for reading :)

And it is good to know some people read more blogs than I do.

Wagner, it doesn't seem like anything is showing up on your bloglines page. All it shows is a calendar and "0 items"

Wow! thats, will be adding some of those to my own reader.

My own blog is

I'd love to see


in that list.

Second Editon

Your link to goes to a calendar.

Second Editon

Your link to goes to a calendar.

In an act of shameless self-promotion I would have to say
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Fabulously Free in Second Life is the best! This is a must have link for all new avs, and us not so new check it too!

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Thanks - great idea!
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Geuis, Stone, the list of my RSS feeds down the left side of this link, underneath My Blogroll:

Can I just say how honored I am to be part of that blogroll with people who are so much more cool than I am? LOL is a good one to read, even if it's just for another look at topics that are being covered elsewhere.

You might also check out the main page of, which has an extremely long list of SL blogs

SurfWatch - Second Life surfing blog (since Feb 2008)


This one is fairly new, but regularly updated, and interesting variety of posts.

A blog dedicated to my own brand of FABULOUSITY. Where everything is fabulous, thorough the expression of glamour, style, charisma, power and heart in Second Life. Lixena

Hi Hamlet,

There are a few I think you might like that I don't see on your blogroll.

Phasing Grace - Grace McDunnogh's blog; thoughtful insights on SL.

Everyday Second Life - Therese Carfagno, her travels and perspective.

SL things to do - title is pretty descriptive :)

And last but not least -
Second Life, First Person - Kit Meredith's blog. I know you've seen it a time or two.

Gahum's Travels

I treat it as a sort of travel blog, as well as observations on things I come across in SL. I don't use it to discuss SL politics or anything of that sort. I leave that to better and more articulate bloggers.

Dang, there's several I'm sure I've already RSSed, like Laetizia's and Kit's, that have since slipped out of my feed. Thanks for the reminder!

Africa in VIrtual Worlds:


Extropia Core:

Caliburn Susanto:

Just about any other one I could think of you already seem to have on your list!

BTW, there's something a bit twonky with the NWN feed on my reader--I see that new articles have been posted, but the feed is still stuck on the previous few articles and won't progress. (I'm using Safari as my reader, if that helps any.)

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