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Friday, May 23, 2008


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Adia Clary

I think that it has already started, when i was out clubbing on Wednesday one of the people at the club saw me as a ball of light.


Ann Otoole

Yes soon ruthed avatars will be relegated to an amorphous cloud of gas. Ruth has been demoted to the passing of gas by LL. I, for one, did not fail to see the unique form of LL humor with this one lol.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

oh that was funny ann...i already experienced meeting misty clouds at a party. it was a great thing in a way. photos from parties no longer look weird...avatars that fail to load properly will just be part of the party's effects, lol.

i've always found it disconcerting to see ruthed avatars in snapshots, so for me mists or clouds are a welcome feature. it will look weird talking to a cloud at first, but as all things in SL, i'll get used to it...:)

Fenix Eldritch

Aww... I don't like this idea... Ruth and being Ruthed is a part of SL culture! Another one of the little quirks that set this world apart from others!

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