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Monday, May 26, 2008


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Tom Boellstorff

I'm still in too much shock to say much. Soj was one of the most amazing people in Second Life that I've ever had the privilege to know. I first met her in November 2004 and it was a joy to watch her make her dream come true, a dream that basically involved making the lives of others better.

Soj was an extraordinarily generous, thoughtful, and kind person. Her family in friends - in the actual world and in Second Life too - are in my thoughts.

She will be terribly missed.

Amalthea Blanc

Thanks for covering this, Hamlet. Soj's departure is a huge loss for everyone whose life she touched....


Dorie Bernstein

Soj was friend and mentor. A delightful sense of humor, even with instigating pranks. Sure, she never placed a prim during the kitchen prank. But she was liberal with suggestions! Dreams will continue and continue her vision. Just not sure what it will be like yet not having her around. It's hard to fathom right now.

Thank you for covering this, Hamlet!!!

Rhiannon Chatnoir

She was truly an amazing woman that we will all miss. Thanks Hamlet :)

Stella Costello

What a loss for the community. Soj was a leader, a dreamer, and a doer. It was those three qualities that made her one of the most inspiring people in Second Life.

Anya Daligdig

I interviewed The Sojourner for an article on her sim "Dreams" that appeared in the Sim of the Week column in the M2 about a year ago. I'd never met her before, but she made you comfortable immediately. She was a completely genuine person with a warm and giving personality.

She was also a marvelous interviewee -- she'd obviously told the story she told me -- of what brought her to create the groups of people with autism/Asperger's Syndrome, and stroke survivors, of the benefits they found in Second Life -- many times before, but it came alive in her retelling. She told me too about the many others, drawn by her visions, who volunteered to keep Dreams alive.

She was one of the most vital people I knew. I can't believe that vitality has left us.

Anya Daligdig

SeanMcPherson Senior

You'll be missed, Soj. You brought a lot of wonderful things to life in SL (and RL, by extension) and they'll keep going and growig, thanks to you. We'll all keep you in our hearts and minds as we help in our own smaller ways. Thanks, as always!

Daniel Sidewand

I came upon this site simply by searching for Karen's (sojourn's) Obituary. I wanted it simply to complete the 37 years of letters and communications we enjoyed over the years. She may be Sojourn to you, but she will always be Karen to me. Come to think of it, I remember her relating a poem called "The Sojourner" back inthe 1970's; it may even have been something she wrote. Karen (sorry, "Sojourner") was my first girl friend, and although we went through times of tension over 37 years, and although things did not work out in the romantic way I might have wished, we remained close . I am pretty much of a jerk, so it is truly a testament to Soj's spirit that we were able to stay ready to be there for each other (and we mostly were ) for almost four decades.
As I keep coming across old letters and memorabilia from Karen, I am constantly reminded of her nurturing kindness, and that despite my boneheadednesss, she would remain my friend. Karen was my first girl friend, and the one against whom all others would be measured. No one ever came close. My heart and prayers go out to Don and Andrew, as well as her mom and dad and brothers and sisters, even after all these months. Some losses you just cannot ever stop crying about. Karen, "Sojourner", or Soj, I miss you and regret that I ever may have hurt you. You influenced me throughout my adult life,and you loved me, although not in the way I would have wished, I know that you loved me. And that is enough. Love Always, Dan

fahad mahfouz

sorry to write late,but all i can say is:
i never saw abeter person in my SL,so kind and always helping me so fast,beside dori,many here are great freinds of mine forever,i might be inactive but dream is my dream forever.

Vulcan Viper

I regret never having had the opportunity to meet The Sojourner. If the expressions of support to her family and friends are anything to go by, she must have been a wonderful person.

The Sojourner has died. May what she has begun never die.

I wanted nothing more than to visit The Sojourner's Memorial. Unfortunately, although the SLURL is still showing, the memorial is not there.

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