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Friday, May 02, 2008


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Bettina Tizzy

Oh, dear God. LOL. I didn't do any of these things to you, Hamlet! I just *photographed* them. :/ I never would have even shared the pics if you hadn't gotten that ball rolling. ;-)

My thing is to nudge AFK avs into strange places, but there was no place to steer you to in that penthouse.

My point is... we are already operating at the speed of light, what with 5 simultaneous IMs, local chatter, etc. To have to do this simultaneously in two different realities (SL + RL) is simply too much to ask of any one person. I thought you handled it really well, all things considered.

Princess Ivory

Nice friends you've got. With friends like that, who needs enemies?!

Looks like it was a fun party. I really like the mixed reality concept. I think we will begin to see more of it (and more lampshades as well!)

Princess Ivory (who is rushing off to open a store selling lampshades)

Two Worlds

"Bebop Reality" ranks right up there with "lunchbucket Democrat" and "flyover state" as the most retarded phrases I've heard in the past year. Please. Stop.

Also, "meatspace". This too. Until humanity evolves into some kind of transhumanistic "H+" fantasy people need to stop calling it that.

Pavig Lok

I usta have a friend who was a dragon, and whenever another of our mates went afk - we'll call up our dragon friend and say "dinner time!" - he'd always arrive back at the keyboard in the process of being eaten. :P

Elle Pollack

Off topic, but since Two Words brought it up and having actualy *read* the book myself....Hamlet, *dahling*, lay off the buzzwords a bit, will you? To coin the phrases is one thing, to try and use them at every chance you get is just iffy marketing.

(That said I did like the book!)

QueenKellee Kuu

omg that's me!

Henrietta Strangelove

I disagree--I think the use of the buzzphrase is appropriate here, not even having read the book. It makes perfect sense to me.

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