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Friday, June 06, 2008


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Princess Ivory

You said:
"Which come to think of it, suggests yet another real world application for Second Life that I hadn't considered before-- a hands-on education simulation to teach the subtle points of dating and romance to very young men, all the unwritten rules that might otherwise take years and several failed RL encounters to learn."

Now, why would we (meaning women) want to make it easy for you? Your failures are part of what helps us winnow out the bad choices, and narrow the playing field before we select our eventual winning partner. And even then, they usually end up being pretty clueless about relationships, as men go!

Princess Ivory

Two Worlds

The day that Second Life is used as an "education romance simulator for young men" (or however the heck that you put it) will be the day that I exit this world via shotgun to the mouth. Please, just call a spade a spade and quit pulling "practical applications" out of your arse. You want a no-strings hookup online, fine with me, but "educational simulator"? Ninja please.

Efemera Bisiani

Oh, I dunno - SL relationships as most things in SL are sped up to the nth degree (heck, I'm going to a wedding for a friend tonight - the second of her weddings I've attended and I've known her a little over a year. Another friend is on her fifth, maybe sixth partnering.) And tho the physical aspect probably does take more RL experience, the emotional aspect of relationships is just as real in both worlds. (Which, for the record, is why I don't *do* SL relationships!)

Two Worlds

Real life stuff stays in real life, Second Life stuff stays in Second Life--that's my view on it. It's better that way, lest you be reminded that the svelte blonde that you're nailing might be some bloated she-cow at the keyboard. It's not the person on the other end that I'm talking/roleplaying/dancing/having sex with, it's their avatar. Likewise, it's not ME that's in Second Life, it's my avatar, and I conduct myself accordingly.

RightAsRain Rimbaud

...and the related service of how to figure what rl gender the person you are having sex with is...(or does that really matter?)

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