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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Mitch Wagner


I'm not interested in an elderly skin. As far as I'm concerned, growing old is a bad idea, and I'd like to avoid importing it into my virtual life.

However, I would be interested in skins for a healthy middle-aged man, like Harrison Ford or George Clooney. (I'm just citing them as exmples -- I'm not actually looking for celebrity lookalike skins.) Also, a hairstyle that doesn't make me look like an underwear model.

Princess Ivory

My husband has an avatar with silvery hair. He asked me (the shopping queen!) if I could suggest a good store for men's skins that were attractively "middle-aged" (40-50). I came up with a blank. Thanks for the mention of Fleur's mature men's skin. I will go check it out for him. I love Fleur's female skins, but I have no interest in aging my female avatar. SL is where I go to be my younger self again!

I wonder how much interest there would be in older skins (not old and wrinkled, just reasonably middle-aged yet still attractive) for men and women?

Princess Ivory


A very good point... I am 61 and my Avatar reflects that. I would ne VERY interrested in more choice when it comes to older skin. Also hair with a high hairline... nearly impossible to find...

Galena Qi

Natural Skins has a mature woman skin. I tried the demo but found it aged my av more than I was comfortable with - more like 60 than 40. I would buy a really attractive middle-aged skin. Probably not a middle-aged body though. In a world where we can fly, why let gravity have its way?


brilliant, galena!

Melanie Aluveaux

I use Second Life to teach undergraduate university classes. A mature but attractive female skin would be of great interest to me. As an educator, I prefer a more conservative appearance, and the usual hot young female avatar does not fit the role. I have tried some of the available "elderly" skins, but found them to be much too old, so there is a real market need for a mature option.

Two Worlds

I would assume that the biggest market for aged avatars would be roleplaying, when a person of a certain age or appearance would be needed.

But I think this is a step in the right direction. I'm getting tired of seeing all the same Abercrombie and Fitch clone models in Second Life. Just because you CAN look perfect in SL doesn't mean you SHOULD. If an avatar is a physical projection of one's true, ideal appearance, then why is every person's "true ideal" blonde and perfectly tanned, with perfect breasts or pecs and a six-pack?

dane landar

Good article. As a new person to SL, and one that in RL is an attractive 50 yr old male with a bit of gray, I would much prefer to find a skin which at minimum makes me look something other than a 20-something. I checked out the Fleur site, and those skins were not optimal for me. If anyone comes across another store, let me know.


A bit belated, but yeah, it's a shame that there aren't really any middle-aged options. It's either perfection or as wrinkled as seersucker. I hereby pledge that, should I ever actually get around to making skins, I will make middle-aged skins! Till then, I guess I'll just have to keep hunting. :(

Cheyenne Spearmann

This is a little late but you should check out Brazen Women for mature women's skins. They have 3 steps in the aging process. I happen to think the oldest set still doesn't make you look like an old hag. And they come in different makeups.

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