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Friday, June 06, 2008


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Vidal Tripsa

Woot, a whole new realm of pastures to crash in, unceremoniously. Or, I suppose... at least we folks will have somewhere safe, if not glamourous, to find refuge in, when such inevitables happen.

Efemera Bisiani

Just... wow!!

Sered Woollahra

time to dust off my OpenSim installation, I guess!


Nice work. It's worth noting that while the RealXtend client also allows you to 'teleport' from SL to an OpenSim server, that process is a bit clunky since the transfer is basically an automatic re-login via the client. It IS pretty cool though and pretty exciting in itself (well, maybe the first few teleports :D)

Today's news is a very welcome step toward true inter-world teleports. Thanks LL!

RightAsRain Rimbaud

Is both great and terrible news! Can only imagine impact of people taking content from their pcs over to an opensim server and then back again...so the ultimate blackmarket on content :0 ! I suppose this can be done now, but I would imagine it will be much easier as these developments move along.

It is an interesting question as to whether or not someone is entitled to use SL content outside of SL. We would certainly view our content as being only licenced for us within SL (check legalese stuff. I think in general they are not, but enforcement is also an issue.

But it is great to see progress on liberating avatars from the confines of SL!

Gehan Kamachi

Another example of interoperability between two worlds : SLOP http://nec.reation.free.fr/index.php?index=2&lng=EN

"SLOP is a tool that converts builds made into Second Life or OpenSim in a format that is compatible with either one of the worlds".

Nexii Malthus

Fantastic! This is great news and was the biggest technical hurdle imho to get grid teleports from different providers working effectively.

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