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Monday, June 02, 2008


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Miki Jannings

Miki's Sanctuary

Azdel Slade

Second Loop - the feedback between us and our avatars


Laetizia Coronet

Virtual Village Voice of course.


dandellion Kimban

Thanks for reading :)

And it is good to know some people read more blogs than I do.

Geuis Dassin

Wagner, it doesn't seem like anything is showing up on your bloglines page. All it shows is a calendar and "0 items"

Roxette Wise

Wow! thats, will be adding some of those to my own reader.

My own blog is http://ramblinrox.wordpress.com

Peter Stindberg

I'd love to see




in that list.

Stone Semyorka

Second Editon

Your link to http://www.bloglines.com/blog/WagnerJamesAu goes to a calendar.

Stone Semyorka

Second Editon

Your link to http://www.bloglines.com/blog/WagnerJamesAu goes to a calendar.

Al Kronos

In an act of shameless self-promotion I would have to say
Ambling in Second Life

GoSpeed Racer

GoSpeed Racer a Second Life Avatar

Ravishal Ramblings

Morris Vig

Check out Second Arts: http://secondarts.wordpress.com


LoriVonne Lustre

Fabulously Free in Second Life is the best! This is a must have link for all new avs, and us not so new check it too!

Nahasa Singh

Second Life at El Opinador Compulsivo (in Spanish)

Mike@ aka Nahasa Singh

Nahasa Singh

I'd also like to recommend some of my friends XD :

Thara Smit - Second Life Argentina (in Spanish)

Cthonica - Forging the Second Life

Cody's Second Life

Princess Ivory

Her Royal Highness, Princess Ivory

Observations about Second Life and Real Life as I wander in search of meaning and kindred spirits.

Thanks - great idea!
Princess Ivory

Keystone Bouchard

The Arch: http://www.archsl.wordpress.com

Virtual Suburbia: http://www.virtualsuburbia.com


Cover SL for the Scandinavian readers

Pam Renoir

Public Works Group: http://www.publicworksgroup.com/blog
Exploring how virtual worlds can enhance the engineering and public works profession.

Hamlet Au

Geuis, Stone, the list of my RSS feeds down the left side of this link, underneath My Blogroll:


Alicia Chenaux

Can I just say how honored I am to be part of that blogroll with people who are so much more cool than I am? LOL

http://commonsensible.net is a good one to read, even if it's just for another look at topics that are being covered elsewhere.

ArminasX Saiman

You might also check out the main page of http://secondlifebloggers.ning.com, which has an extremely long list of SL blogs

Barchan Paderborn

SurfWatch - Second Life surfing blog (since Feb 2008)




This one is fairly new, but regularly updated, and interesting variety of posts.


Lixena Lamourfou

A blog dedicated to my own brand of FABULOUSITY. Where everything is fabulous, thorough the expression of glamour, style, charisma, power and heart in Second Life.

fabulousity...by Lixena


Hi Hamlet,

There are a few I think you might like that I don't see on your blogroll.

Phasing Grace - Grace McDunnogh's blog; thoughtful insights on SL. http://phasinggrace.blogspot.com/

Everyday Second Life - Therese Carfagno, her travels and perspective. http://theresecarfagno.wordpress.com/

SL things to do - title is pretty descriptive :)

And last but not least -
Second Life, First Person - Kit Meredith's blog. I know you've seen it a time or two. http://kitmeredith.blogspot.com/

Gahum Riptide

Gahum's Travels


I treat it as a sort of travel blog, as well as observations on things I come across in SL. I don't use it to discuss SL politics or anything of that sort. I leave that to better and more articulate bloggers.

Hamlet Au

Dang, there's several I'm sure I've already RSSed, like Laetizia's and Kit's, that have since slipped out of my feed. Thanks for the reminder!

CyFishy Traveler

Africa in VIrtual Worlds:




Extropia Core:


Caliburn Susanto:


Just about any other one I could think of you already seem to have on your list!

BTW, there's something a bit twonky with the NWN feed on my reader--I see that new articles have been posted, but the feed is still stuck on the previous few articles and won't progress. (I'm using Safari as my reader, if that helps any.)

Arcadian Vanalten

Feel free to link mine in (although I've got a long way to go before I'm up to the quality of you and many of these others, hehe)

Arcadian Vanalten

PS: If it doesn't open when you click my name, it's http://sparechangeling.blogspot.com, although it SHOULD come up just w/ a name click.

Geuis Dassin

Hey Hamlet, unfortunately I don't see anything on that Bloglines page. I have a screenshot available I can email if you need it. Tried in FF, IE, and Safari. Just shows a calendar.

Hamlet Au

Sure, Geuis, that'd be cool-- thanks. Just send a lower rez version.

Minx Arashi

Minx Thinks


Owly Indigo

This is mine:
All the birds and bird-related things I can find ISL, old and new.


just adding my second life blog - Second Life Snippets

Jenn Hienrichs

Hi there Hamlet!
Great list!! You can take out The Best of Second Life Blog (from blogspot) because I closed that down when I opened http://www.slthingstodo.com



Hi! I have a photo journal I keep up, about 2-3 photos weekly of places I've been. A lot of surfing, Ilike SL surfing, but I stumble into the weirdest things...



FlipperPA Peregrine

Second Blogger is a service I've started on the Wordpress backend that allows anyone to sign up and blog from either the web, or from with in Second Life. Everyone gets a dedicated URL, for example, mine is:

http://FlipperPAPeregrine.SecondBlogger.com (not case sensitive)

All posts are displayed on our front page, http://www.SecondBlogger.com/


Nikita Weymann

I spose you could add mine, though lately it's become not much other than event listings for Opus and personal building-project research linkdumps.

If you get over there, you might find a couple others you've missed in my own blogroll.



D. Overlord

Oh I have one of those, golly! But I hardly use it. Maybe I should start updating.



Serene Fairey

SERENDIPITY WAITS ( http://serendipity-waits.blogspot.com/ ) is a non-fashion blog about fun places and events. I also write fashion articles for IHEARTSL ( http://iheartsl.com/ ).

Paradox Olbers

I have a pair of minor SL blogs
Paradoxically, about myself and science fiction in SL & RL
Spindrift Island, about science & engineering in the SciLands and Second Life

Great List! Thanks.
Paradox Olbers (in SL)

Sasun Steinbeck

This is an invaluable reference to people looking for new art to explore and see what's new on the art scene in SL. It is updated weekly and new entries are clearly marked.

Sasun Steinbeck

woops, I guess comments don't include the URL :) http://sl-artgalleries.blogspot.com

Balthasar Bookmite


Just my random musings on SL and sometimes a RL thing.

Samantha Poindexter

Samantha Speaks!
RSS: http://samanthapoindexter.wordpress.com/feed/

CronoCloud Creeggan

CronoCloud Creeggan, Virtual Fashionista.

RSS: http://ccslfashionista.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Paulina Oceanlane

"Who Let The Dorks Out": http://dorks.wordpress.com/

IsabellaGrace Baroque, Fionna Whiteberry and I are writing about places, fashion, events and silliness in SL.

Harper Ganesvoort

Around the Grid with Harper --


The RSS feed is at http://harperganesvoort.wordpress.com/feed/

Personal thoughts and events, news and commentary, fashion, and whimsy as the mood strikes me.

Franko Box

Thats our Blog
Gay Zone Cologne and ZeusClub Colonia

Dyami Jameson

Just a place to share my SL happenings, travels, thoughts, and crazy times. Sometimes a little real life thrown in too.


Ganymedes Costagravas

Hi there!

Here's mine:

It's mostly SL related, but an occasional RL post is always possible.


Talia Tokugawa

web: http://www.Talia-Tokugawa.co.uk
Rss: http://www.talia-tokugawa.co.uk/feed/

Janelle Taurog

This is the blog for the Scenic Hills Boutiques and Fantasy Parks sim. Lots of your favorite people have shops in our tranquil sim. Some to enjoy our ambience and stay for the scenic delights!

Lektro Magne

Our blog ;)



Jenny Heying

above for Thump Magazine

Lavender Corporation

Todd Borst

A blog helping businesses in virtual worlds make real viable income.


Jenny Heying

Lavender Life
Business in Second Life

Thump Magazine
Nightlife in Second Life

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