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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Kallie Faulkes

Hi again Iris (was that annoying person asking about Japanese hair shops ages back)

ive asked this in another section as well sorry.

Where does the hair from the Block freebie pic come from. Strikes a chord I just cant find the rest of it. :s

Thanks and nice info, i'll have a look at Datenshi and the pain jeans and shoes.

Iris Ophelia

You're not annoying at all! I'm more than happy to answer these questions. ^^ That hair is Noam Sprocket's Czech Mate (in Rage) from Gritty Kitty. That boy is a hair genius. :D

Eden Minton

Hello Iris,
This is Eden Minton from ::Pacotille:: :)

Namida and I would like to thank you for talking about us in your article, and are really glad you like our stuffs at Datenshi Creations. We're working on new stuff, which we will be releasing soon, so we'll make sure to send some of those your way :)

Take care :]

chickens have legs

this is a totally awesome site with some really hot chicks on itlol

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